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Institutional Aid

The following are available through the Office of Enrollment Services:

Church Match Grant

Government Aid Programs

The following are available through the Office of Enrollment Services:

Federal Perkins Loans

William D. Ford Federal Direct Loan Program

Federal Work Study

Financial Aid Enrollment Requirements

The number of hours in which students are enrolled have a direct impact upon federal financial aid

eligibility. In order to be eligible for full-time financial aid, graduate students must be enrolled in

nine or more hours during a long semester (see Ed.D. and Math for exceptions). Those enrolled

for seven to eight hours will be considered half-time. Those enrolled in three credits of Thesis

hours only will be considered half-time. According to federal regulations, students must be

enrolled in at least six hours during a long term to receive federal financial aid. During the period

which encompasses the short terms (May Term, Summer I, and Summer II), students must take a

total of six hours to be eligible for financial assistance.

Withdrawing from the university in consecutive long semesters (fall, spring) will result in a review

of satisfactory progress toward a degree. According to federal and university guidelines, students

not demonstrating progress toward a degree are not eligible for financial aid.

University Financial Aid Policies

Financial assistance is awarded for one year at a time. Separate financial aid applications (FAFSA)

must be filed each year. Application materials are available in January for the coming academic


Financial assistance is committed only to students who are accepted into a degree program.

Students applying for graduate fellowships and or graduate scholarships must hold provisional or

full admission to a graduate program.

The university cooperates in making funds provided by both the federal and state government

available to students for grants, employment, and loans. HSU must administer the federal and state

programs within prescribed regulations.

All government programs are dependent on funding by federal and state governments. Awards are

subject to funding by legislation and are not binding on the university if such programs are not


All applications and requests for information regarding federal and state assistance should be

directed to the Office of Enrollment Services, HSU Box 16050, Abilene, TX 79698.

A student can only receive financial aid for repeat of the same course one time for a maximum of

two attempts.

To view HSU’s Financial Aid policies, visit

Veterans Benefits

The coordination of benefits for veterans is the responsibility of the Office of the Registrar, which

offers assistance to veterans and dependents of veterans. In accordance with the laws regarding

veterans in Chapters 30, 31, 34, and 1606 of Title 38 in the United States Code, assistance benefits

to veterans and other eligible persons will be discontinued when the student ceases to make

satisfactory progress toward the completion of his/her training objectives. Students placed on

probation who receive VA benefits must show academic improvement every semester they

continue on probation.