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The University Bookstore supplies the needs of the students for all academic materials. In addition

to textbooks and school supplies, the store also offers many convenience and personal needs items

and souvenirs. Credit terms for students are available for academic items only. All other sales must

be cash or credit card.


Graduate and married students may seek housing from among a number of options. Housing

options include residence halls, the Wolf and University Place apartments, and some University-

owned houses. Space is limited. The housing license agreement can be accessed via the Residence

software found at

Housing rates are as follows:

Residence Hall Room $1800.00 (meal plan required)

Residence Hall Private Room $2650.00 (meal plan required)

Apartment or House Shared Room $1000.00 (plus utilities)

Apartment or House Private Room $1200.00 (plus utilities)

Summer Housing $300 per session (May term, Sum I, Sum II)

For housing reservations and questions contact the Residence Life office at

Additionally, a limited number of graduate assistantships are available

through Student Life that offer free housing and a small stipend. Please inquire with the HSU

Career Center for more information on GA positions.


If you experience, observe, or hear of an incident involving sexual assault or rape on or off campus,

please immediately contact the HSU Police Department (325) 670-1461 as well as the campus

Title IX coordinator, Sierra Greenwood (325)670-1495.





Graduate Scholarships and Fellowships

Each graduate program is allotted a number of graduate scholarships and fellowships which may

be awarded upon the recommendation of the program directors and approval of the dean of

graduate studies.

Graduate scholarships may be awarded to cover tuition for up to nine hours of credit each semester.

Graduate fellowships may be awarded. Students receiving full fellowships will be expected to

work in their department or on other assignments at least 5 hours per week throughout the semester.

Inquiries about scholarships and fellowships should be directed to the program director.

Graduate Theological Education Scholarships

Various forms of financial aid are available for graduate students in theology. For information see

the Logsdon Seminary Catalog or contact the Office of the Dean of Logsdon School of Theology.