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Environmental Management

Dr. Mark A. Ouimette, Program Director

This program is designed to prepare graduates to assume management positions in the

environmental service/compliance sector of public and private enterprises. It is an interdisciplinary

program, drawing on a spectrum of campus-wide expertise, to craft a series of environmental

management courses specifically designed for the program, always with real-world application in

mind. Two degree tracks are available; a thesis track and a professional track, which utilizes an

internship to bridge the graduate’s transition from the academic to the professional world.

Admission Criteria

Applicants for graduate study in Environmental Management must hold a bachelor’s degree from

a regionally accredited college or university. Admission to the program requires the program

director’s endorsement, which will be based on evaluation of the following elements:


Prior academic performance, which will be evaluated in regard to: 1) overall GPA; 2) GPA

in natural sciences; 3) overall upper level GPA; 4) previous graduate course work; and 5)

fulfillment of necessary prerequisites (see below). An overall GPA of 2.7 or a GPA of 3.0

in either natural science courses, upper-level courses, or graduate courses is considered the



If required, a Graduate Record Exam (GRE) score for the verbal and quantitative subsets

or a full scale Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) score. Scores at the 50th

percentile or higher are considered the norm.


A writing sample (personal essay) concerning the applicant’s reason for applying and how

the completion of the program will serve the applicant’s career goals.


Occupational experience in either the environmental or health and safety field (include in

the writing sample #3).


An interview with the program director.

Early Admission Option (Combined BS/MS Degrees)

This option is for undergraduate students at HSU who are enrolled in the environmental science

minor and desire to pursue the MS degree in environmental management (ENVM). With proper

scheduling, it is possible for a student to acquire both BS and MS degrees within five years.

Students in their senior year who meet the entrance requirements for the ENVM program may be

admitted to the program and take ENVM courses for graduate credit. Six hours of ENVM course

work (to include ENVM 5311) will count toward the student’s baccalaureate degree and reduce

the hours required for the MS degree as long as a minimum of 30 hours is completed for the MS


Successful applicants may then attempt an additional nine semester hours of graduate course work,

completing the first year of the ENVM program. Students who pursue this early admission option

and are not subsequently admitted to the ENVM program or do not complete the program, will

receive their baccalaureate degree, provided that all undergraduate degree requirements are met.


While interdisciplinary in nature, and accepting candidates with a variety of undergraduate

degrees, this program is technical and scientific. Two semesters each of biology, chemistry, and

geology, or the equivalent, are ideal for admission. Students lacking all or part of these

requirements, however, may still enroll in the program. Two environmental science courses are

required for the program (ENVM 5311 and 6311).