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Hardin-Simmons University Graduate Catalog






Hardin-Simmons University, a church-related institution affiliated with the Baptist General

Convention of Texas:

1. Fosters the intellectual development of students by providing an academically

challenging undergraduate education based upon a liberal arts foundation and

advances scholarly growth by offering specialized graduate and professional degree


2. Academic excellence continues as a priority at Hardin-Simmons University as it has for

more than a century. The core curriculum involves students in a broad range of inquiry

relating general studies with requirements of the chosen major. Graduate programs

broaden the scope of learning in scientific and professional disciplines and encourage

students to regard learning as a lifelong process. Small classes taught by experienced

scholars give the opportunity for interactive learning. The institution’s commitment

to excellence is best illustrated through the lives of graduates who traditionally have

excelled in a wide variety of fields.

3. Affirms the relevance and importance of the Christian faith for life in the contemporary

world by maintaining a clear identification with and loyalty to the Christian faith and

functioning within the context of historic Baptist values and principles.

4. Founded in 1891 by a determined group of ministers, ranchers, and merchants,

Hardin-Simmons University established dual goals of developing the mind and

nurturing the spiritual life of its students. That commitment to encourage growth in

faith and knowledge has remained central. Believing academic excellence and Christian

faith to be complementary, the university emphasizes the need for interaction between

faith and reason.

5. Encourages individuals to lead lives of service through active involvement in intellectual,

cultural, and religious life, both on the campus and in the larger communities of

Abilene and the world.

AlthoughWestern in tradition, the university takes pride in the cosmopolitan nature of its students,

faculty, and staff, and encourages the development of an international perspective. Through its

leadership in providing intellectual, spiritual, cultural, and social opportunities, the university serves

as catalyst for the advancement and enrichment of its students and the community.

(Approved, Board of Trustees, September 16, 1992)