2013-2014 Graduate Catalog - page 10

In order to provide students some security and predictability concerning the cost of educa-
tion,Hardin-SimmonsUniversity guarantees that the tuition rate during the first tuition year
(for example: the tuition year 2013 is June 1, 2013, throughMay 31, 2014) will not increase,
as long as the studentmaintains full-timeHSU enrollment during succeeding fall and spring
Does not apply to enrollment in doctoral programs or courses in the PattyHanks Shelton
School ofNursing or Logsdon Seminary.
Payment of Accounts
Registration is not complete until tuition, fees, room, andmeals have beenpaid in full and/or
satisfactory financial arrangements have been approved by theBusinessOffice.
HSUPayment Plan
The HSU payment plan for each semester is to make payment in full with a combination of
approvedfinancial aid and/or personal payment.
All registrantsmust follow throughwith the financial commitmentsmade at registration to pay
all charges in full before advance registration for the following semester. Student transcripts will
not be released for studentswho fail tomeet this requirement.
The BusinessOffice accepts AmericanExpress,MasterCard, Visa, andDiscover online through
CashNet. A2.75% feewill be chargedbyCashNet for any credit cardpayments.
HSUPayment Deadlines
1. Advance registered students must complete payment by 4:00 p.m. on the scheduled
date (see schedule.)
2. Students registering on registrationdaymust complete payment at that time.
For theFALLand/or SPRING semesters only, thereare twopayment options if youmust vary from the
payment plan statedabove:
Option 1:
A four-payment plan through CashNet of any portion not covered by
financial aid. A2.75% feewill be charged for any credit cardpayments. See
HSUpayment deadlines above.
Option 2:
Advise the Business Office of approved financial aid to cover one hundred
percent (100%) of your semester charges (do not include College Work
Study or orHSU Student Payroll). SeeHSUpayment deadlines above.
A service fee of 1.5% per month (18% annual rate) is charged on any amount owed after
October for the fall semester and afterMarch for the spring semester, regardless of thepayment
plan or option you select.
For theMAY TERM, SUMMER I, andSUMMER II semesters, thereare twopayment options:
Option 1:
Payment in full of any portionnot covered by approvedfinancial aid.
Option 2:
Advise the Business Office of approved financial to cover 100% of your
semester charges (do not include college work study or HSU student
payroll.) SeeHSUpayment plandeadlines, above.
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