• The Water4Water Project

    The Water4Water project was launched in January 2012 by the Hardin-Simmons University campus organization, HSUGreen.

    The Hydration Station provides students, faculty, staff, and any passers-by with cold, clean, FREE water. Two elements make this a “project” rather than simply a water fountain. One is that the Hydration Station requires a reusable water bottle, which helps eliminate one-use bottled water, which helps reduce litter.

    The second element of the project provides an avenue for raising funds for Charity Water, an organization that builds water wells for people without water.

    The water at the station is free, BUT you can also use Cowboy Cash to donate to Charity Water. Each time you swipe your card at the station, 25¢ is added to the HSU sponsorship account to help provide clean water in a place where there is none.

    If each student at HSU donates $2 (8 card swipes or the purchase of 1 bottle) over the course of a school year, we can provide funds to build one water well for over 250 people who desperately need it.

    If you don’t have Cowboy Cash then YOU can donate by clicking here.

    This is the coolest way to get and give water we could come up with, and we hope you’ll get involved.

    Love the earth- theGreenteam

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