Fernando Recaj-Navarro Assistant Professor of Foreign Languages
AH-200 16206 325-670-1936

Fernando Recaj-Navarro

Assistant Professor of Foreign Languages Cynthia Ann Parker College of Liberal Arts


  • Associate’s Degree, English Language Teacher in Primary Education, University of Zaragoza, 1998.
  • Bachelor of Arts Degree, Humanities, University of Zaragoza, 2001.
  • Master of Arts, Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language, University of Salamanca, 2003.
  • Doctor of Philosophy, Spanish Linguistics, University of Salamanca, 2008.

Dr. Fernando Recaj-Navarro is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Foreign Languages. He teaches courses of Spanish as a Foreign Language (SPAN 1301, SPAN 1302, SPAN 2301, SPAN 2302, and SPAN 4311), Spanish for Missions (3099-B), Medical Spanish (SPAN 3099-A), Language Pedagogy (SPAN 4240), and Spanish Linguistics (SPAN 4312).

Dr. Recaj-Navarro has three primary research areas: (1) Second Language Acquisition, especially in terms of the factors that affect in the acquisition a foreign language like age, the input received, the influence of instruction, aptitude, motivation, and so on, (2) Second Language Teaching Methodology, especially in the learning of the pronunciation, and (3) Spanish Linguistics, especially the phonetics.

Dr. Recaj-Navarro was born and raised in Zaragoza, Spain. After finishing his Associate and Bachelor Degrees he moved to Salamanca, Spain, to study his Master’s Degree and Doctorate. He has lived in several countries (France, Brazil, and South Korea), speaks four languages (Spanish, English, French, and Portuguese), and was a soccer player in his hometown for 7 years.

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