Marla Potess-Associate Professor of Environmental Science
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Marla Potess

Associate Professor of Environmental Science Holland School of Sciences & Mathematics


  • Bachelor of Science, Biology, Abilene Christian University, 1982
  • Master of Science, Microbiology, Abilene Christian University, 1990
  • Doctor of Philosophy, Land-Use Planning, Management, and Design (Environmental Track), Texas Tech University, 2011

Dr. Marla Potess, Associate Professor of Environmental Science in the Department of Geological and Environmental Sciences, teaches courses in the Environmental Science B.S. degree program and in the Environmental Management M.S. degree program. Dr. Potess brings experience from the public sector in environmental management and water and wastewater treatment into the classroom setting. The complex and interdisciplinary nature of environmental issues drives her research interest in a variety of topics, including environmental management implementation and strategy, soil management, and urban landscape and function. Currently, Dr. Potess and Dr. Hennigan (Biology Department) collaborate to provide undergraduate and graduate research opportunities, both in the field and in the laboratory, in support of a grant-funded research project investigating the impact of rangeland management on soil microorganisms and water capacity. Soil microbial research is just one of the on-going projects conducted at the Rolling N Ranch near Crews, Texas, as part of the Grasslands Initiative. Funding for the research was provided by The Dixon Water Foundation and the Academic Foundation. Dr. Potess spent several years in Indonesia, Viet Nam, and Australia, giving her an international perspective on many environmental issues.

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