Jennifer Hennigan-Assistant Professor of Biology at the Holland School of Sciences & Mathematics
SR-110 16165 325-670-1396

Jennifer Hennigan

DH:Biology and Associate Professor of Biology and Chemistry Holland School of Sciences and Mathematics


  • Doctor of Philosophy, Microbiology, University of Texas at Austin, 2013
  • Bachelor of Science, Biology, Louisiana Tech University, 2006

Dr. Jennifer Hennigan, assistant professor of biology and chemistry, joined the biology department at HSU in the Fall of 2013 after completing her doctoral work at the University of Texas at Austin. As a microbiologist and molecular biologist, she teaches microbiology for majors and pre-nursing students, general biology for biology majors, non-majors biology, and additional upper level biology electives such as immunology and virology. Her research is focused on the communication pathways of bacteria in quorum signaling, antibiotic production, and biofilm formation. Dr. Hennigan is actively involved in the American Society for Microbiology Texas Branch and the American Society for Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, and has received honors for her commitment to science education.

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