Dr. Allan Landwer


Dr. Allan J. Landwer, professor of biology, also serves as director of the HSU International Studies program. His expertise includes international education, the public understanding of science, natural history, intercultural communication, ecology, and herpetology.

Landwer came to HSU in 1994, and since 2009, has provided direction, management, planning, and oversight of all university academic study abroad programs. He has served as biology department chair and is the curator for the HSU Collection of Vertebrates.

In his free time he enjoys photography, college football, and travel.

Recent Publications

Ferguson, G.W., W.H. Gehrmann, K. B. Karsten, A. J. Landwer, E. N. Carman, T. C. Chen, M.F. Holick. 2005. “Ultraviolet Exposure and Vitamin D Synthesis in a sun-dwelling and a shade-dwelling species of Anolis: are there adaptations for lower UVB and dietary vitamin D3 availability in the shade?” Physiological and Biochemical Zoology 78(2):193-200.

C. A. Campbell, T. E. Lee, Jr. and A. J. Landwer. 2002. “Noteworthy records of Mammals from the Rolling Plains of Texas.” The Texas Journal of Science 54(4):365-368.

Landwer, A. J., and G. W. Ferguson. 2002. “Long-term structural habitat use of male individuals of two native and one introduced Anolis (POLYCHROTIDAE) species on the north coast of Jamaica.” The Texas Journal of Science 54(1):51-58.

Landwer, A. J. and T. Lee. 2001. “New reptile and amphibian county records from the southern rolling plains of Texas.” Herpetological Review 32(2), 2001.

Degrees Earned

  • Bachelor of Science, Biology, Texas Christian University, 1986
  • Master of Science, Biology, Texas Christian University, 1988
  • Doctor of Philosophy, Biology (Ecology), The University of New Mexico, 1994
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