• Doctorate in Leadership (Ed.D.) Program


    Doctorate in Leadership (Ed.D.)

    The question is not “what is leadership?” but “what is good leadership?” Good leadership, like critical thinking, crosses all boundaries and applies to all circumstances in which people work together. Current events in society demonstrate the need for effective leadership. Significant writers and leaders agree that good leadership requires good character. While the applicants may enter the Doctorate in Leadership program with well-developed character, doctoral studies will promote further character development that supports effective, ethical leadership. HSU’s inherent Christian foundation and values provide the perfect base for fostering exemplary character essential for leadership.

    This 57-hour program follows a cohort model over four-years. The cross-disciplinary nature of the program accepts students from any fully accredited master’s degree. Students complete six hours of coursework each fall, spring, and summer, allowing for continuation of employment. Students will read the great books of leadership to support a breadth and depth of knowledge in the field. At the end of the program, students will take qualifying exams that require synthesis of knowledge gained through these readings, leadership coursework, and individual research. The culminating experience for the doctoral degree involves the completion of a dissertation related to the student’s interest in a particular aspect of leadership and supervised by a professor.

    The Doctorate of Leadership program contains four distinct practices that support effective pedagogy and doctoral study, enmeshing the on-campus environment with various delivery methods:

    • Considers the Interdisciplinary Nature of Leadership. 
      • Offers 18-hour concentrations in three areas: Higher Education Leadership, Education Leadership in Superintendency, and Educational Leadership in Health Care Professions.
    • Emphasizes the Value of Bridging the Academy to the Community.
      • Alongside HSU faculty members, leaders in various professional organizations and entities will co-teach courses, providing clear connections between academic study and real-world applications.
    • Offers a Hybrid, Low-residence Model.
      • Meets on campus three weekends per semester, with additional faculty/student interactions through online environments.
      • Supports collegial support, enhanced camaraderie, and professional networking through a cohort model with face-to-face contact.
    • Includes Three Brief Summer Residencies.
      • Studies leadership in authentic settings in Austin, Texas; Washington, D.C.; and Austria/Germany for approximately one week each summer.
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