• Hebrew Grammar

    book_coverLearning to Read Biblical Hebrew:
    An Introductory Grammar
    By Robert Ray Ellis

    Associate Dean for Logsdon Seminary,
    Phillips Professor of Hebrew & OT
    Hardin-Simmons University
    Published by Baylor University Press, 2006

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    This page will provide aids to help you learn biblical Hebrew while using this textbook.

    Selected Answers for Exercises in Lessons
    Prepared by Michael Smith

    Selected answers for exercises in the lessons of Learning to Read Biblical Hebrew are available here. Generally, answers are provided for the odd numbered items in most exercises.

    The purpose of these answer keys is to provide immediate feedback on your progress as you complete exercises. Of course, the answers will be helpful only after you have attempted to complete the exercises on your own. Click on the items below for the answer keys.

    Click here for corrections
    to the latest printing of
    earning to Read Biblical Hebrew

    Printable Hebrew/English
    Vocabulary Cards
    Edited by Amanda Cutbirth

    Click here for a PDF file that can be printed front and back on tear-apart business card stock or other paper, to create flash cards for the vocabulary words assigned in the lessons of Learning to Read Biblical Hebrew.

    As you look at the document, note that the number in brackets to the lower right of each Hebrew word indicates the lesson in which the word is introduced, and the number to the upper left of each word indicates the order the word appears in each lesson.

    Periodically check this webpage for other helps that are forthcoming!

    Notes regarding answer keys:

    1. Often a word or sentence may be translated more than one way. In such cases the answer keys provide only one translational option; others may also be valid.
    2. sm = smooth translation
    3. Smooth translations are typically not provided for biblical texts in interlinear-style exercises, you may consult English Bibles for that purpose.
    4. Answer keys are typically not provided for exercises in Lessons 16-26 which involve the translation of biblical texts.
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