• Student Comments

    "The Outdoor Leadership course took me out of the classroom and provided an active way to study and practice leadership."

    Anna Krake, speech communication major, '07

    "Learning about great leaders of the past helps us to understand how to be great leaders in the future."

    Stephen Simmons, political science major, '06, USMC.

    "I learned what is required to create and manage many different types of organizations in the Creating Profit and Non-Profit Ventures class."

    Bryan Simpson, communication major, '06.

    "Critical Thinking for Leaders is the best and most interesting class I have taken at HSU. The abilities to reason and think critically are essential in any workplace."

    Blake Bradley, finance major, '06

    "My time in the Leadership Studies Program was a life changing experience that will positively affect my future."

    Josh Crowell, biology major, '06

    "Organizations of all types are dependent upon effective and vibrant leadership to thrive. The concepts studied and skills developed through the Leadership Studies Program help prepare students for positions of responsibility and leadership in all types of organizations."

    Dr. Coleman Patterson

    "I really enjoyed the Christian Ethics for Leaders course. I feel it has given me a great foundation on how to conduct myself in the business world."

    Jenny Bell, public relations major, '07.

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