• Outdoor Leadership

    "Outdoor Leadership – Fact: The most enjoyable class at HSU."
    Sean Edins, music major, '06

    Leadership Studies Program students experienced education beyond the classroom when they ventured into the great outdoors over three weekend camping trips.

    Students planned and prepared meals, calculated budgets, arranged transportation and logistics, and took care of the daily needs around the campgrounds in addition to participating in a wide variety of leadership and teamwork skills activities.

    The weekend adventures included a variety of mental and physical team challenges that required teammates to communicate, work together, think creatively, and support each other for success. From scavenger hunts, to building boats and racing, to after-dark laser tag battles, to competing in a heated "koosh" tournament, students were forced to work together effectively as teams--with different individuals playing leadership roles.

    Students also learned about themselves while rappelling down a sheer rock face; and climbing back up. In the process, students also learned about trust and responsibility by working safety ropes for each other. Perhaps the greatest individual experiences came from tackling the high ropes course at the Texas A&M 4-H Center in Brownwood, Texas. Students learned about conquering fears and stepping outside of comfort zones while walking on wires 40 feet in the air and climbing 25 feet to the top of a telephone pole, standing on its top, and leaping to a distant trapeze. These were awesome experiences!

    In addition to the fun and games (and food and little sleep), students also worked through a leadership and management skills textbook. They related the weekend experiences to the topics in the book and wrote individual papers after each trip.

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