• Leadership Studies Program Curriculum

    The 21-hour academic program works as a minor for students of all majors at HSU. The coursework is designed to emphasize theory as well as application and skill development. Courses can also be taken as electives for students who are not interested in completing the minor.

    The curriculum is designed to emphasize inquiry, understanding, skill development, practice, and reflection. In-class study, class exercises, service projects, leadership workshops, and leadership development programs provide an environment where students can study and develop an understanding of leadership.

    To earn a minor in Leadership Studies, students must complete a set of three core leadership courses and four additional leadership elective courses.

    Leadership Core:

    • LDSP 1301 Foundations of Leadership Studies
    • LDSP 3305 Christian Ethics for Leaders
    • LDSP 4306 Leadership Seminar

    Leadership Electives (choose four of the following courses)

    • LDSP 2306 Communication for Leaders
    • LDSP 3303 Great Leaders of History
    • LDSP 3307 Critical Thinking for Leaders
    • LDSP 3310 Leadership Workshop
    • LDSP 3315 Leadership in Theatre
    • LDSP 3320 Creating Profit and Non-Profit Ventures
    • LDSP 3325 Sport and Rec. Managment Seminar
    • LDSP 3330 Outdoor Leadership
    • LDSP 3399 Special Topics in Leadership Studies

    Recent Special Topics Courses

    • Personal Finance
    • Principles of Public Administration
    • Change in Organizations
    • Service Learning Workshop

    Core Leadership Courses

    LDSP 1301 Foundations of Leadership Studies (3 hrs.): Students will gain exposure to the field of leadership studies. The ideas and philosophies of ancient and modern thinkers will be studied as well as leadership-related theories from the fields of management and industrial/organizational psychology. Students will perform a service project. Prerequisite: Must be approved by Director of the Leadership Studies Program.

    LDSP 3305 Christian Ethics for Leaders (3 hrs.): An examination of Christian ethical foundations for leadership with particular attention to the moral dimensions of leadership in organizations and communities and to the determination of morally responsible approaches to issues confronting leaders today. Prerequisite: LDSP 1301. Fall

    LDSP 4306 Leadership Seminar (3 hrs.): The organizational factors related to leadership will be studied. Topics such as organizational structure, technology, strategy, change, culture, and globalization will be examined. Through in-depth study of societal and organizational change, students will recognize emerging needs and trends in society and formulate ways to use their lives to meet those needs. Students will complete a substantive service project. Prerequisites: LDSP 1301, LDSP 3305, senior standing. Fall, Spring

    Leadership Electives (choose three of the following courses)

    LDSP 2306 Communication for Leaders (3 hrs.): Theory and practice of communication skills, both oral and written, necessary for effective leadership. Special emphasis placed on persuasion, interpersonal, and group communication. Assignments will focus on the theory and practice of effective speaking and writing. Prerequisite: LDSP 1301.

    LDSP 3303 Great Leaders of History (3 hrs.): A close examination of the styles and methods of leadership employed by select men and women from a variety of historical eras who became leaders of their societies. The course content will vary from year to year. In all years, special emphasis will be placed on the individual qualities that elevate some to positions of leadership. Prerequisite: LDSP 1301.

    LDSP 3307 Critical Thinking and Problem Solving (3 hrs.): An examination of the central features of the critical thinking process, the assumptions underlying ways of coming to know and live, and the roles of leaders in prompting others to begin the process of thinking critically. Prerequisite: LDSP 1301.

    LDSP 3310 Leadership Workshop (3 hrs.): Students will put the theories and principles of leadership they have studied into practice through this course. The format of the course will differ across semesters. Workshop examples might include: directing and participating in theater productions; creating and running entrepreneurial ventures; developing educational programs; planning and conducting mission efforts; and outdoor, adventure-based team and leadership development programs. Special emphasis will be placed on reflection and analysis of leadership principles and on leadership skill development. Prerequisites: LDSP 1301.

    LDSP 3315 Leadership in Theater (3 hrs.): Students in this course will learn about different leadership roles in the theatre through hands-on directing and production experience. Each student in the course will direct a scene, and together take on the different leadership positions in the theatre to produce a live performance. Prerequisite: LDSP 1301.

    LDSP 3320 Creating Profit and Non-Profit Ventures (3 hrs.): The principles and processes required to create and lead a viable for-profit or non-profit organization will be explored. Students will examine such concepts as: entrepreneurship, planning and preparation, start-up costs, legal and financial issues, and marketing. Prerequisite: LDSP 1301.

    LDSP 3325 Sport and Recreation Management Seminar (3 hrs.): The course is designed to examine administrative concepts and various leadership roles required in the fitness, sports, and recreation industries. Prerequisite: LDSP 1301.

    LDSP 3330 Outdoor Leadership (3 hrs.): Students will develop and practice leadership skills through adventure-based, outdoor education experiences. Skills such as leadership, teamwork, communication, problem solving, conflict and stress management, motivation, power and delegation, and change will be studied through class and outdoor activities. Students will also gain practical experience in planning and organizing weekend camping trips. Prerequisite: LDSP 1301.

    LDSP 3399 Special Topics (3 hrs.): Study of a selected leadership-related topic. Taught by on-campus or visiting faculty from a variety of academic disciplines. Prerequisites: LDSP 1301. Fall, Spring

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