• Degree Programs

    Hardin-Simmons offers four degree programs leading to a degree in computer science. This provides unusual flexibility for students who have interests in multiple fields. In practice, computer science is most often applied to other disciplines. For this reason we want our students to be able to pursue courses in areas beyond their computer science major.

    Here is a brief description of the degrees we offer:

    The Bachelor of Science degree is the flagship degree which combines 12 computer science courses with 4 courses in mathematics, 2 courses in physics, and a minor in the natural sciences. This is the degree for a hard-core, math-oriented student.

    The Bachelor of Business Administration degree is actually an Information Systems degree that requires completion of the business core and 6 courses in computer science. The coursework, while requiring some programming, has less emphasis on programming than the other degrees. A student with interest in business matters will find this degree to be quite valuable in the corporate world.

    B.B.S. and B.A.
    The Bachelor of Behavior Science and Bachelor of Arts degrees in computer science are very similar to one another. (The B.A. degree has a foreign language requirement). Both degrees require 12 courses in computer science and allow selection of any minor available within the degree programs.

    The University Catalog provides the formal definitions of degree requirements. Here is a quick summary of requirements for each degree:

      B.S. B.B.A B.B.S. / B.A
    CSCI Requirements Program Design 1 Program Design 1 Program Design 1
      Program Design 2 Program Design 2 Program Design 2
      Computer Networks Computer Networks Computer Networks
      Assembly Language   Assembly Language
      Data Structures   Data Structures
      Operating Systems   Operating Systems
      Security Assurance
    Graphical Interfaces
      Graphical Interfaces
      Database Systems Database Systems Database Systems
      Analysis & Design Analysis & Design Analysis & Design
      Senior Project Senior Project Senior Project
      3 hours of Jr/Sr CSCI courses   3 hours of Jr/Sr CSCI courses
    Degree Requirements      
      Calculus I Discrete Mathematics Discrete Mathematics
      Calculus II
    Linear Algebra
    Math Structures
    Univ. Physics I
    Univ. Physics II
    8 hours in one of


    39 hours in Business Core  
    Minor Requirements      
      Must choose a minor from MATH, CHEM, GEOL, PHYS, Biochemistry, ENVS. No minor required. Choose any minor available with B.B.S. or B.A. degree.
    University CORE Requirements      
      39 hours of HSU foundational courses. 46 hours of HSU foundational courses. 52 hours of HSU foundational courses for B.B.S. / 55 hours for B.A.
      10 to 12 hours (depending on minor) 15 hours 15 hours
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