• Testing and Qualification

    Testing Information

    • Individual intelligence testing services are offered through HSU. The fee is $70.00 and the screening takes approximately one hour.
    • To schedule testing, please email the following information to
      Student name, age, birthdate
      Parent (s) or Guardian(s) name, address, phone number, and email
    • Testing needs to be completed by June 30.

    Qualification Procedures

    • Once a student attends Threshold, provided it was not on a conditional basis, it is not necessary to re-demonstrate qualification.
    • New students must possess demonstrated intellectual ability and/or po- tential at the 90th percentile or above. YOU MUST ATTACH A COPY OF CURRENT TEST DATA (e.g., IQ or Ability tests) FROM WITHIN THE PAST TWO SCHOOL YEARS. STAAR test data and achievement test scores are NOT applicable.
    • New students who are currently enrolled in a school G/T program automatically qualify for Threshold.
    • Students enrolled in pre-AP classes who were not previously identified GT will need to present qualifying ability test scores.
    • Please submit student scores from an ability test at the 90th percentile or above or documentation of student's enrollment in a G/T program by May 31.
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