• Study Abroad with HSU in Indonesia, May 2014


    Course Description

    An exploration of the history, politics, culture, art, religions, people, and places identified with three major islands of the Indo-Malaysian Archipelago—Penang, Java, and Bali.Students will experience a home stay with an indigenous family; hike in the smallest national park in the world; investigate the “Street of Harmony” where a Confucian Temple, Islamic Mosque, Hindu Temple, and Christian Church exist peacefully in close proximity; climb on an extinct volcano; interact personally with children, adolescents, and adults in multiple settings along the way; learn to play instruments in the famous gamelan [‘percussion ensemble of various gongs, drums, and metallophones’]; visit the largest mosque in the Southern Hemisphere and the largest Buddhist temple in Southeast Asia;swim the surf in the Indian Ocean; watch silver and batik artisans at work; converse with university students at a premier Muslim university; photograph exotic animals at the nation’s largest Safari Wildlife Park; tour 8th-century Hindu and Buddhist World Heritage Sites in Central Java; study at an interfaith peace institute; learn from one of the most famous painters and mask makers of Bali; explore national monuments and museums; eat tasty Asian meals in seaside and mountainside restaurants; witness two impressive stage production, the Ramayana ballet and the musical theatre production of Bali Agung; and observe and participate in Christian ministries.


    While the study will largely focus upon our travel in Penang (Malaysia) and in Jakarta, Bandung, Jogjakarta, and Den Pasar (Indonesia), pre-journey readings and films, during-the-trip journaling and interviews, and post-journey written analyses, reflections, and evaluations will make this study abroad opportunity a true learning experience.This course should particularly apply to students in the humanities, social sciences, and theology.Take it as a humanities, geography, history, political science, sociology, social work, art, leadership, or theology free elective or contract to take it as a substitute for another required course.Dr. Sellers will be happy to help you try to make either of these courses applicable to your degree plan.



    Course Description

    An examination of the life and work of cross-cultural missionaries, with a particular focus upon Baptist missionaries serving in Muslim cultures in Malaysia and Indonesia.Basic matters related to cross-cultural missionary life and work will be explored.Autobiographies of two missionaries—a Protestant woman serving with her family in Africa and a Roman Catholic single man serving in Bangladesh—will provide benchmarks for evaluating missionaries met along the journey.On-site interviews and analyses of the philosophy and methodology of five Baptist missionary couples serving in Malaysia and Indonesia will be a primary focus.Students also will project what their own approach to cross-cultural missions might look like if one day in the future they were involved in an international ministry.


    Course Particulars

    Professor: Dr. Rob Sellers, Connally Professor of Missions, Professor of Theology in Logsdon
    Trip Co-Leader: Mrs. Janie Sellers: along with her husband, Mrs. Sellers has spent almost 25 years living and working in Indonesia; both are fluent in the Indonesian language
    Dates for this Study Abroad Program: Saturday evening, May 11 – Monday morning, June 3
    Point of Departure and Return: the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport (DFW)
    Projected Cost: $3600, includes international air travel, local travel by “planes, trains, and automobiles” (minus Steve Martin), all hotels, meals, entrances, and fees; does not include passport, tourist visa to enter Indonesia ($25), inoculations, incidentals, bottled drinking water, souvenirs, required texts and class tuition for 3 or 6 hours; there will bea Study Abroad scholarship to cover a major portion of the cost of the trip
    Payment Schedule: initial $1,000 payment to secure flights (February), two subsequent payment deadlines (March and April); the full amount to be paid by May 1
    Registration: At the time of May Term class registration (although you need to talk to Dr. Sellers beforehand for more information (Logsdon Office 162, telephone 670-1592)
    Initial Interest Meeting: Thursday, November 15, 4:30 p.m., Logsdon 183; in the Spring, registered travelers will have one or more pre-trip meetings

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