• Facilities

  • The Department of Physical Therapy is housed in its own freestanding 13,800 square foot facility, the Mabee Hall Physical Therapy Building. This building contains two classrooms with seating areas for lecture and clinical application areas with plinths and hi-low tables for hands-on learning. Overhead projectors, wireless internet, televisions, VCR’s, whiteboards and anatomical models are available in classrooms and laboratories.

    The Learning Resource Center (LRC) houses 12 computers, all internet accessible, for Physical Therapy student use exclusively. The LRC also houses recent physical therapy journals and reserved readings for the students.

    There are three specific learning laboratories, aside from the classroom laboratory space. The Musculoskeletal Lab contains a variety of therapeutic exercise equipment including a Steen’s Work Station. Immediately attached to this lab is the Balance and Vestibular examination room.

    The Applied Physiology Laboratory houses treadmills, exercise bicycles a complete J-tech Isometric Work Station, an ATM machine, a Bowflex conditioning unit, gas analyzers, EKG and pulmonary function testing equipment, and various supplies used regularly by physical therapists. This facility is used for both classroom teaching and faculty/student research.

    The spacious Human Anatomy Laboratory can house 8 tanks and is technologically advanced. Monitors and projectors can relay information from a portable camera for all to view. Two computers offer alternative learning resources while a storage room and tank preparation/cleaning room complete the facility. Numerous anatomical models, as well as generous storage are available in this laboratory. Several sinks can be found within this lab.

    The facility has locker rooms located just outside the Physiology and Anatomy Labs.

    Both students and faculty enjoy their own lounges equipped with refrigerators and microwave ovens. The student mailboxes and a sofa are provided for comfort and as a place to go to relax. The lounge serves as a gathering place to wind down after a full day of classes.

    There are 10 offices within the building for faculty and staff and adjunct faculty use that provide privacy and the ability for faculty to efficiently prepare instructional materials or meet with students in conference. All employees have comfortable workstations with computers, printers, telephones and Internet connections. The workroom is located between the faculty offices and is fully equipped with a copier, scanner, department library and various office supplies. Students may also utilize the copier and workroom for class needs.

    A conference room that comfortably seats 12 is available for student and faculty use and located off the workroom. This space is used for faculty meetings as well as research meetings.

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