Chapel + 16 credits / 6 courses

    • Chapel
      All undergraduate students have the opportunity & are expected to attend HSU chapel services.
      (Minimum requirement: 80 credits for 4-year degree; Nursing majors require 40 credits)
    • *FYSM 1300 First-Year Seminar: Gateway (3 credits / 1 course)

      Designed especially for first-semester freshman, this course is the academic gateway to HSU’s Christian liberal arts experience and an important component in connecting to collegiate-level study and to HSU. Peer mentors play an important role as does identifying student strengths. Themes vary depending on instructor(s). To be taken in the student’s first semester at HSU.

      Click here to view our First Year Seminar course descriptions.

    • *HIST 1300 Making History: The Human Experience in America (3 credits / 1 course)
      This gateway course helps students answer questions like “Who am I?” and “Who are we?” by examining important moments and themes from American history. Emphasizing analysis of primary documents, the course addresses questions that have animated Americans over time in the context of the collective past. Particular focus is placed upon changing conceptions of freedom, equality, and power. The course is a participatory exercise in asking questions that can aid students in assessing evidence and comparing conflicting interpretations.
    • *RELI 2345 The Religious Philosophical Life ( 3 credits / 1 course)

      Who am I? Who are You (God)? And what about my neighbor? These three big questions will be explored in order to equip students to develop a maturing theology, philosophy, hermeneutic, and ethic that utilizes critical thinking to make good decisions. Prerequisites: at least one completed semester at HSU.

    • *ENGL 3300 Writing as Discovery: Advanced Writing
      Instruction in advanced principles of written communication, this course focuses on developing students’ writing abilities beyond the introductory level by closely examining their own writing as well as that of peers and professional writers. Students will complete a range of writing projects and employ various rhetorical strategies and multiple methods of research. Prerequisites: 3 hour freshman (1000-level) writing; department recommends ENGL 1301 or ENGL 1302 or acceptable variant from another institution; 45 hours at HSU required.
    • FSSC 1170 Wellness for Life (1 credit / 1 course)
      Wellness for Life is designed to introduce students to the principles of lifetime wellness. Including lecture topics such as nutrition, stress management, fitness prescription, heart disease, and other health-related disorders, this course also has an activity component where students’ fitness will be assessed, and they will be introduced to general fitness activities.
    • COMM 1301 Introduction to Communication (3 credits / 1 course)
      This Communication course introduces the theory and practice involved in the way we communicate interpersonally, in groups, and when speaking in public. Laboratory experiences are included in self-concept, group interaction, listening skills, public speaking, and verbal and non-verbal behavior.

    * Only Transfer Students may use previous coursework for credit. See HSU Catalog for definition of Transfer Student.

    Questions? Contact the Dean of General Education at lpogue@hsutx.edu.

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