• Department of Foreign Languages

    The mission of the Department of Foreign Languages is to prepare students to participate and function in a multilingual-multicultural world. Through the studying of a second language students become advocates for a greater diversity of languages and cultures. Concurrent with our Christian beliefs, we prepare students not only to transcend cultural and linguistic barriers, but also to reach out to, understand and care for other people groups.

    Areas of Study

    Bachelor of Arts – Spanish
    B.A. Spanish Grades EC-12 (A. Span.)
    B.A., B.B.S. Minor: Spanish
    Major and Minor in Spanish
    Two years of
    • German
    • French

    Students are encourage to fuse second language work with their major and minor concentrations of study, whether for elective credit or for credit towards the Foreign Language requirement in the Bachelor of Arts degree.

    What kind of job can I get With a Major in Spanish?

    It has become more and more apparent that knowledge of another language and culture is not merely a sign of a well-educated person, but rather, it is a necessity for working in a globalized world.

    Whether your ultimate goal is a career in education, mass media industry, business, diplomacy, health care, law, social services, or other fields, fluency in Spanish and an understanding of the Spanish culture will open many job opportunities.

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