• Forensics Studies Minor


    This course of study provides students with the skills requisite to the investigation of criminal offenses and the identification, apprehension, and prosecution of criminal offenders. This curriculum integrates different disciplines pertaining to deviant and criminal behavior with the practice of identification, procurement, and presentation of evidence resulting from criminal activity. The curriculum blends crime scene analysis, laboratory analysis, behavioral analysis, and criminal law. The program’s objective is to develop a sound educational foundation for graduate work or professional practice at the bachelor’s level.




    The minor requires 19 hours.

    Required Courses: 10 hours
    BIOL 3303 and 3103 Topics in Forensic Science and the Forensic Science Laboratory
    POLS/CRIJ 4313 Forensic Evidence and Expert Witness Testimony
    CSCI 3332 Introduction to Computer Forensics

    Elective Courses:Students may choose any three [3] of the following courses
    CRIJ 2301 Criminal Investigation
    POLS/CRIJ 2306 Evidence and Procedure
    POLS/CRIJ 3307 Criminal Law
    PSYC 3335 Psychology of Crime
    CRIJ 3311 Crime Scene Investigation
    CRIJ 4309 Terrorism and Homeland Security
    CRIJ 4355 Search and Seizure
    CRIJ 4309 Criminal Profiling

    What is Forensics?

    The term forensic investigation refers to the use of science and/or technology in the investigation and establishment of facts or evidence to be used in criminal justice and other legal proceedings. Forensic investigation is a rather broad field with many different subdivisions. The American Academy of Forensic Scienceand the International Association for Identificationare major professional organizations that advance the application of scientific methods and their relevance in the legal system.


    Forensic investigation is increasingly playing an important role in the pursuit of justice. However, the reality of forensic investigation is not the clear-cut endeavor that is portrayed in many television programs and other mass media sources. Forensic investigation is very complex. Forensic investigation techniques, when used appropriately, can be an incredible tool for practitioners and society. Used inappropriately, forensic investigation techniques can generate error and injustice in the system.

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