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    Digital Portfolio- The capstone course for the Department of Communication is the Digital Portfolio class, which helps students refine their presentation skills in pursuit of their first job after college. Students learn to package their work, experience, and skills and how to effectively present themselves to a prospective employer. Working with on-campus services and local business professionals, students in the class create a portfolio of their work and are evaluated by their peers, the departmental faculty, and practitioners in the field.

    Texas Forts Trail

    Students in the Communication Trends class worked on a client-based project during the 2009-2010 academic year with the Texas Forts Trail. With in-class guidance from the executive director of the trail, this class developed and implemented a social media campaign to build an online audience for the Texas Forts Trail and followed up with a conversion study to analyze the effectiveness of the trails heritage tourism initiatives. The class made a presentation to the Texas Forts Trail Board of Directors to present their work.

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