St. Marks from the square

Tyler, our local guide Sergio, Kenzie and our tour manager Christian on the waterbus

Gondola ride! - Hannah, Jen and Deborah

Jolly Rogers Lisa and Tommy at the Accademia Museum

Jen and Hannah interacting with art at the Venice Biennale

Tabitha and Tyler lost in spots at the Biennale

Tough-Woman Tiffany with the Four Tetrarchs (Doge Palace)

Kenzie Whitaker (12 years old, a 4-time veteran):
My favorite place this time was Venice. I had looked forward to riding in a gondola, and it was fun even though our gondolier,
Nicholino, could not sing. The other best thing was feeding the pigeons in St. Mark's Square.  My mom and I saved one’s life when we were able to cut away a lot of string that had one of its feet tied into a knot, and he could not walk.