Bit and Kenzie's first look inside the Church of the Eremitani

Martha walking past miraculously restored frescos in the Church of the Eremitani

Our local guide explaining how this church was heavily bombed during WWII

Heavily restored wall of the Ovetari Chapel, frescoed by Andrea Mantegna

The group listening to the guide inside the Church of the Eremitani

Bethany and Jessica walking down a Padua street

Jen checking her camera beside the Santo, Padua's main church

Martha Kiel (a 4-time veteran):
I continue to be amazed at all the art work we get to see. This is my second trip to Italy, and just when I think I have seen everything, another bedazzling image is presented to us. The Last Supper, Giotto’s Chapel, Ravenna, Mantua and Padua were certainly highlights this time.  I can’t wait to see what Linda dreams up next!