Lisa, Tabitha and Tyler at the top of Asinelli Tower

Linda en route to the top (almost 500 steps)!

The Garisenda Tower (157 feet high) viewed from the 319 foot Asinelli Tower

San Petronio from the Tower Asinelli

Hunter busy, busy on top of the tower

Back on the ground in the Piazza Maggiore: Stephanie and Katy

The Tower Asinelli from the ground

Bit Whitaker (a four-time veteran):
I am always up for these trips. They are awesome.  I really appreciate all of the students as we live and work together in close quarters for two weeks.  We get to see such grand sights with well informed guides giving us unusual information. I have talked to other people who have been on similar trips, and ours are always better. So many extra things that are off the beaten track. I can’t wait until 2011- it will be Spain this time, right?