Jesse Coulter-HSU Master of Business Administration

"I still keep in touch with at least 20 friends who went to Hardin-Simmons."

I came to Hardin-Simmons because I played soccer growing up, and my soccer coach went to Hardin-Simmons. He brought my team here to play once, and I fell in love with the small campus atmosphere. I grew up in a small town, and I knew I wanted that small town feel in college.

I got involved on campus pretty quickly. One of the great things about this campus is that it’s small enough that I felt welcomed and included in everything. I had a close group of friends, I joined a sorority, and I got involved in different clubs and organizations on campus.

The friends I met have stayed with me in Austin where I live now. I still keep in touch with at least 20 friends who went to Hardin-Simmons. Both the connections that I’ve made here and being involved in groups have helped me in my career.

I really loved my teachers and the relationships I made at HSU. I felt more open to asking questions because the classroom atmosphere felt more intimate. I felt like I could understand the subject better because we were in small groups and because I felt comfortable raising my hand to ask my teacher questions. After class, I could go to my professors and ask for help, and they could dive into the problem or the curriculum with me. I don’t think that I would have gotten that at a bigger school.

My professors were and still are my advocates. They have helped me to find jobs during and after college. I’ve been to their houses for family parties. The connection with my teachers has been something that sets this school apart, and I love it.

Hardin-Simmons is where I was meant to be. I’m so glad God led me here. I am thankful for my friends, the teachers that I have met, and the education I got here. My time here at HSU was safe, warm, and friendly. It was an experience that I could have never gotten anywhere else. The lessons I have learned and the memories I have made here have been amazing.