Student Spotlight: Elizabeth Bygel

June 5, 2019 Macee Hall, Staff Writer
Bygel receices her Cowgirl of the Year award in Spring 2019.
Bygel receives her Cowgirl of the Year award in Spring 2019.

(ABILENE, Texas)–Senior Elizabeth Bygel exemplifies the academic excellence and Christlike spirit that HSU aims to represent. She is well known on campus for her involvement in many clubs and activities, and her caring heart and joyful demeanor. Bygel will act as the Student Body President of Hardin-Simmons for the 2019-20 school year.

In high school, Bygel knew that she wanted to attend a Christian-affiliated university near her family, who resides in Lubbock, Texas. She heard about HSU from her senior year statistics teacher who would share his stories about attending Hardin-Simmons with her class. “He always projected it in such a fun and exciting light that I knew I had to look into it. Once I looked into the school, it seemed like the right fit,” says Bygel.

Bygel is a marketing major and a communications minor, and she aspires to go into either the advertising or brand management field after graduation. “Hardin-Simmons has played such a developmental role in my life. I have grown so much since my freshman year,” Bygel Explains. “If you told me on the first day of Stampede that I would be as involved on campus as I am and have the leadership roles that I have I’d say you were crazy.”

Elizabeth is easily recognizable on campus due to her leadership and participation in myriad clubs and organizations at HSU. She is actively involved in the Student Government Association, the women’s social club Phi Phi Phi, Gamma Beta Phi Honors Society, Baptist Student Ministries, and ResLife. Bygel has also worked as a Residence Assistant and an Assistant Residence Director in the residence halls on campus.

 “I also got the opportunity to go to Austin my junior year to talk to State Representatives and Senators,” says Bygel. “That opportunity allowed me to make connections and gave me insight into all the people who work to make sure that we are getting as much federal aid as possible through grants.”

When asked about her favorite thing about HSU, Bygel responded, “at Hardin-Simmons, you are never just a number. Professors want to know your name and help you in any way possible. You can always trust that in whatever decision is being made the students opinion, and interest is always in mind.”

Bygel poses with fellow members of the Student Government Association.
Bygel poses with fellow members of the Student Government Association.

“Hardin-Simmons has given me friends, professors, and mentors who have pushed me out of comfort zone and inspired me to a better version of myself,” Bygel continues. “I try to surround myself by people who will challenge me and motivate me to better just by being around them. I love learning and growing with people.”

As a friendly face on campus, Bygel recognizes the importance of helping first-year and transfer students plug into social groups on campus. “I would recommend that they (new students) find something to get plugged into or multiple things. Through getting plugged in on campus, I was able to meet so many incredible people who have impacted me so much. There are so many clubs and organizations to meet everyone’s individual interests!”