SING! Behind the Scenes

October 22, 2021 Sarah Harbison

In March of 1962, Sigma Alpha Iota and Phi Mu Alpha collaborated to create a show to bring students together. The original goal of SING! was to encourage various clubs to find community through dancing and singing. It was not until 1967 that SING! became what it is known for today: a musical competition between clubs on campus.

Theta Alpha Zeta members rehearsing for SING! in 1989

Each homecoming, as many alumni have done before them, students take to the stage in Behrens Auditorium, which is the same stage that hosted the inaugural SING! all those years ago, to perform. If you ask most alumni and current students, they will all describe the same buzz of excitement that fills the groups, as they stand behind the curtains waiting for their group to be called on stage.

For many groups, this moment has been months in the making: picking songs, creating choreography, and planning the details for the show, all before they arrive back on campus in the Fall. When students arrive back on campus, they hit the ground running, rehearsing amidst their busy class schedules and other obligations.

Many wonder what makes this huge time commitment worth it. Alumni and current students cannot fully articulate what makes SING! such a special event. When asked to describe what makes SING! worth it, some say the magic of the vocals “clicking” during rehearsals, while others describe the unmatched rush of energy that occurs when they step onto the stage. Paige Luney ‘24, Alpha Iota Omega SING! director, described her love for SING! by saying, “People in Greek Life get to spend a bunch of extra time working on a show with their brothers and sisters—who wouldn’t love that?”

SING! cast

SING! is loved not only by participants but the entire HSU community. Adrea Ashburn ‘24 shared this sentiment by saying, “We all get to come together. Faculty, staff, students, families, and anyone in our community can watch all the hard work we put into this show. I love seeing the smiles on peoples’ faces and hearing the crowd cheer. It is where we become a family within our club, school, and community.”

For the 59th year, students, alumni, friends, and family will gather to celebrate this tradition at 6 p.m. on Friday and 8 p.m. on Saturday of homecoming weekend.