New Campus Apartments Offer Affordable and Convenient Choice to Upperclassmen


If you’ve driven down Pine Street recently, you may have noticed some extra dust. This isn’t another Abilene wind stormit’s the development of Hardin-Simmons’ new University Place Apartment complexes.

The UP Apartments Buildings 3 and 4 will be open for junior and senior residents this fall, and the spots are going fast. There are 174 total beds available in the new apartments. As of today, 50 students have already signed their leases, and almost 50 more have filled out the apartment interest form. Students who fill out the apartment interest form can avoid the lottery process and sign a lease early.

The new apartments come semi-furnished with an upholstered couch, TV stand, and bar stools. The kitchen comes with a refrigerator/freezer, ice maker, oven, stove, and dishwasher. The apartments are climate-controlled, utilizing central heat and air conditioning units controlled by the residents.

“In these apartments, you’re getting a space that’s brand new with all high-end equipment and furnishings,” said Francis Edwards, Associate Director of Residence Life. “We’re updating the beds to full-sized, you will have a larger closet space, and each unit has a larger square footage. Each individual unit also has its own washer and dryer hookups.”

The new apartments will also have luxury vinyl tile and quartz counters with gated and uncovered parking offered on site.

“From a safety side, it’s nice to provide a gated community patrolled by our campus policemen,” Edwards said. 

Because the apartments are within walking distance from the rest of the university, students will be able to stay connected with campus life.

“What’s nice about these apartments is that you are being provided alternative living on campus that keeps you close to all activities and events,” said Edwards. “Statistically, students who live on campus have a higher success rate in retention and in academics.”

Besides the convenience of location, the apartments offer competitive prices.

“Cost-wise, our apartments are right up there with some of the most affordable options in the city of Abilene,” Edwards said. “There aren’t a whole lot of one-bedroom options available in Abilene, so it’s neat that we can offer that. The rent is also billed directly to your student account instead of a monthly payment, so you can pay it out accordingly.”

The HSU apartments require no deposits or heavy fees. Internet access is also provided instead of requiring students to pay an extra bill.

“Students are also not as bound to their leases as if they lived off campus,” Edwards said. “We allow students to break their lease at no extra cost if they get married or are deployed, while other contracts are much harder to break.”

Cost for New Apartments:
                            10 Month Lease              12 Month Lease          Summer Housing $350/Term
4 Bed / 2 Bath       $500/month                    $458.33/month
2 Bed / 1 Bath       $525/month                    $481.25/month
1 Bed / 1 Bath       $600/month                    $550/month


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