Logsdon Ladies Learn Together

Six students develop unique bond


When Emily Foster, LJ Hood, Yessy Juarez, Krystin Jurries, Gabi Lira, and Leila Lovett arrived at Logsdon in the fall of 2014, only Yessy and Gabi knew each other. What has grown from their Seminary journey is a powerful bond that has knit these six women together into a life-long friendship.

The six call themselves the “Logsdon Ladies.” In addition to having several classes together, they have laughed, cried, prayed, and studied together, all the while encouraging each other day by day.

These women have literally changed my life,” said Hood. “God knew exactly what He was doing when he brought the six of us together as first year seminary students. I'm so immensely blessed to be walking through this season with these women, and to know that we'll walk through countless more seasons together.”

Hood started her Logsdon journey after receiving her bachelor’s degree from Abilene Christian University. Foster and Lovett are both HSU alum, earning their bachelor’s degrees in Ministry and Spanish respectively. Jurries entered Logsdon after completing her bachelor’s degree in Religion at East Texas Baptist University. Lira and Juarez came to Logsdon from Baptist University of the Americas, earning their undergraduate degrees in Biblical Studies and Theological Studies respectively.

There is so much diversity within this small group, yet we all get along so well,” said Foster. “Each woman brings something different to the table, however, we cannot imagine the group without each and every lady.”

Jurries said that because of their schedule, it is hard for all six women to get together socially, however, they remain connected through text, social media, coffee dates, and a periodic "Chick-Fil-A date."

“We are all busy with school, ministries, and life but we always know we have each other in the midst of the craziness,” she added.

“Something kind of ‘sparked’ between all of us during our new student orientation weekend,” said Lovett.  “We are a group of single, young women who are all trying to make it the best they can through grad school. We can be open about things and share each other's experiences and that’s awesome.”

Lira said each of the Logsdon Ladies is unique and special.

“Yessy is the strong woman who always says what she thinks and helps us see the world from different perspectives. Krystin is a loving person who cheers us up and is always there to tell us we are capable of great things,” she said.

“LJ is the sweetest person I know, and has the greatest hug. When she hugs me, it is as if she is putting all my broken pieces back together. Leila has this look that when you first see it, you think she is very serious, but then we see that she is very sweet, caring, loving and up for everything! Emily is very sweet and funny, makes us all laugh until we cry. Above all, they are faithful servants of the Lord.”

Hood, a student in the MA Family Ministry degree (MAFM), is slated to graduate in December 2016. The other five will finish their degrees and graduate in May 2017. Foster is working on an M.Div in Missions. Lira and Jurries are dual-degree students, earning the MAFM from Logsdon and the MA in Clinical Counseling and Marriage and Family Therapy (CCMF) from HSU. Lovett is earning an M.Div in Family Ministry, while Juarez is no longer enrolled at Logsdon but will complete her master’s degree from HSU in CCMF.

“The bond between the Logsdon Ladies has made our seminary journey a unique experience,” said Juarez. “Each of us has unique qualities and characteristics. That is what makes each and every one of us special.”

“The Logsdon Ladies have encouraged me, motivated me, felt unmotivated with me, laughed with me, complained with me, challenged me, learned with me, and loved me,” said Hood. “I'm grateful to Logsdon for a lot, including an amazing education. But I can wholeheartedly say that the thing I'm most grateful to Logsdon for is these women.”



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