Jamie Wright Speaks in Chapel about Life as a Missionary


Jamie Wright, the blogger behind “The Very Worst Missionary,” spoke in chapel on Tuesday, March 1st in Behrens Auditorium. Wright lived as a full-time missionary in Costa Rica for five years with her husband and children before returning to the United States and committing herself to be a full-time writer.

Wright thinks a new approach to missions is needed. She called missions "broken - truly, sincerely, seriously and it has lost all of its meaning in the church.” She added, “We have to redefine missions if we want to make a difference.”

“The world doesn’t need any more missionaries. It needs social workers, politicians who aren’t corrupt, and accountants who know their stuff,” said Wright. Adding to that sentiment she said, “People can serve the Lord passionately on the path they are already on.”

Wright pointed out that the mission field can be “your workplace, neighbors, and your home and you know those people far better than someone across the world.” 


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