International Student Organization Enlightening Students


 The International Student Organization recently held their first “Taste of the World” event where members brought traditional food from their home countries for students on campus to come and experience.

 “Food is one thing that cuts across borders and unites people,” junior psychology major Vivian Teoh from Kula Lumpur, Malaysia said. “I think it showcases HSU’s cultural diversity. The dishes were made by international students, and it is a way we can share part of our identity with students.”

The International Student Organization also held “Fight for Injustice” for students to come and listen to Serge Gasore, Author of My Day to Die, share about his life in Rwanda during the genocide.

 “People love hearing about other cultures and his story was eye opening and emotional,” Ashley Wiggins accounting and economic major from Charlotte, North Carolina said. “His story has inspired me to set up a trip to Rwanda next summer and help the organization Rwanda Children which he started.”

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