Campus Celebrates at Christmas Party

Campus Tree Lighting is A Favorite Tradition


Have yourself a merry little Christmas; let your heart be light! Colorful scarves bundled up against the chilly weather, cold wind nipping at your cheeks, steaming cups of hot chocolate cupped in frozen hands, the smell of festivity in the air—everything screams, “Christmas is almost here!”  And with that joy comes the end of finals, the end of staying up late studying, of crying at 3:00am because you’re so tired you can no longer read the paper you’re writing. Christmas break is coming; stay strong!

To celebrate, the campus Christmas party kicked off on Friday, December 3rd. Students attending this fun event decorated cookies and made their own hot chocolate mixtures while listening to Christmas music over the loudspeakers. People crowded into the tent, out of the cold, to buy T-shirts and make ornaments, or just talk and have fun.

Dr. Hall read the Christmas Story over the microphone, followed by a humorous ‘Night Before Christmas” parody poem that had everyone laughing. Then the countdown to the light show began. When the power was flicked on, it was well worth the wait.  Anderson lawn was transformed into a winter wonderland, with lights wrapped and tangled through the trees. The entire gazebo lit up and the bridge was cloaked in sparkling little lights. I’m sure even Gilbert was pleased. It was beautiful.

Good people, good fun, good hot chocolate, wonderful music and breathtaking light displays—all in all, the party was a success.  

Students enjoyed the chance to break free from studying and get into the spirit of Christmas.


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