“Book-It” Session Relationships 2015 Just in Time for Valentine’s Day

The HSU Library hosts a session where students can talk about their relationships.


Students gather in the library for second “Book-It” event “Relationships 2015: How to Find a Compatible Long-Term Partner”. Dr. Tom Copeland a psychology professor and director for the honors program at HSU speaks to students about what it means to truly find that “Compatible Long term Partner”.

 Alejandra Perez, sophomore nursing major from Ennis, Texas, said, “The event offered valuable information. I learned of things to look for in a future relationship and what to see as good or potentially problematic differences in a future partner.”

Dr. Copeland addressed the topic of “compatibility” and what that actually means, but also discussed other very important factors in a long term relationship such as commitment and sacrifice.

Ashley Wiggins, sophomore accounting and economics double major from Charlotte, North Carolina said, “What Dr. Copeland said about sacrifice was really enlightening. I think that he is exactly right. One person can’t always have it their way, they have to sacrifice for each other constantly.”

Dr. Copeland offered advice for seeking more information about finding a long-term compatible relationship.

“Read good books about relationships, talk to their parents, or grandparents, or other people they respect, and ask them how to find the “right one”.  Look at good marriages and try to figure out what makes them work.” Said Dr. Copeland.

Librarians met at the beginning of the fall semester to decide new ways to provide services to students that they would be interested in. They searched for topics by word of mouth and through surveys.

Shannon Maynard Educational Technology Serviced Coordinator for Richardson library who helps organize Book-It said concerning the event, “Every topic we have done has been a topic requested by students. It’s a good way for students to use the library beside just for studying. You get to listen to a professional and can have the opportunity to ask questions.”

This will be the last Book-It event for the spring semester, but the library is gearing up for other events throughout the semester such as for Easter and for receptions to celebrate new changes to the library. More information can be found at the library.   


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