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    Taking Care of Your Room and Your Hall:

    1. Use only white plasti-tac and/or masking tape to attach items to the wall. Do not use nails, glue, or two-sided foam tape. Also, do not tape anything to the ceiling as the paint will come off with any adhesive. No painting, hammering, or sawing - no construction!! Hanging strips are available in most rooms.
    2. Take a thorough inventory of your room when you check into it and make sure that any existing damages are noted by your Resident Assistant. You will be charged for damages to your room.
    3. The university is not responsible for personal items. Please lock your door whenever you leave, even if it is only for a minute. You are responsible for the security of your items and this includes items loaned out or left in public places.
    4. To protect the mattresses, there are plastic mattress covers on the mattresses. These covers, along with a cloth mattress pad you provide, must remain on the bed at all times.
    5. Checking out of and into the residence hall properly is your responsibility. Procedures will be posted for check-out during Thanksgiving, Christmas, Spring Break, and End of the Year. Any damage to residence hall property will be charged to your bill. This means that before taking finals, receiving grades, and/or receiving your degree, these charges must be paid in the business office. Read the "On-Campus Housing" sign on the back of your room door for helpful information on check-out, room checks, and residence hall fines.
    6. The residence hall will provide light bulbs, toilet tissue, and minor medical supplies. Please ask your Resident Assistant or Resident Hall Director.
    7. Take all of your personal trash outside to the dumpster. Do not leave it in the halls or dump it into the lobby trash cans. Be responsible and take it outside to the dumpster.
    8. Rooms will be checked weekly by the RA to ensure that minimum standards of cleanliness are maintained. The times for room checks will be posted on the RAs door each week. These times will vary from week to week. Students whose rooms do not comply with room check standards will be required to fulfill two hours of Community Service as assigned by their Director. Failure to complete the two hours may result in an additional two hours added to Community Service for a total of four hours. Failure to fulfill the four hours becomes a disciplinary issue and is forwarded to the Associate Dean of Students.
    9. There are vacuums available for your cleaning convenience when an RA is on duty.
    10. Absolutely no burning candles in the residence hall. You may use candles for display, however, you must cut and/or remove the wick. Students may receive up to a $50 fine for each candle with a wick. Candles burning or evidenced of burning will be taken up.
    11. Remember that room assignments are not permanent until three weeks after the start of classes. If your roommate cancels at the last minute, you will be expected to find a roommate or sign a Private Room Agreement. Private Room Agreements are $650 in addition to the regular room charge. Discuss this Private Room Charge with your parent/guardian before signing the Agreement. A list of roommates will be available from your Director. All room changes must be approved by the Residence Hall Director and the Housing Office before you move.
    12. Please be advised that any damage to the hall will be charged to the entire hall if the person responsible can not be identified. This includes hall lights, fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, etc.

    Relating to the entire residence hall...

    1. Tobacco use is prohibited anywhere in the building. No smoking in the building.
    2. Please control your displays of affection. No lying on the couches or floor (male and female).
    3. Quiet hours are 10:00p to 8:00a every day, and 2:00p to 4:00p in addition to the regular hours on Sunday. Please be considerate of those who are studying and/or sleeping. Quiet hours will be observed.
    4. Drugs, alcoholic beverages, and pornographic materials are prohibited anywhere on campus, including all residence halls.
    5. Overnight guests should be registered with the RA on duty. This is so we can locate them in case of an emergency.
    6. Members of the opposite sex are allowed in the lobby area only between noon and midnight. During designated times of visitation, guests must leave a pictured ID with the RA on duty at the desk and sign in for visitation in a specific room. The resident must escort their guest to and from his/her room and the entrance door to the room must remain fully open at all times. Visitation in Residence Halls by persons of the opposite sex is restricted to the lobby areas of each residence hall except for University-approved Visitation as set by the Director of Housing. Students who do not abide by this policy will be required to fulfill eight hours of Community Service in addition to other disciplinary action deemed necessary by the Director of Housing.
    7. Please do not bounce basketballs, tennis balls, etc. in the residence hall. Also, no throwing or hitting of any object is allowed in the residence hall. Take your sports outside, do not play them in the halls. Dart boards are not allowed in any room for any reason. Register and secure all guns with the HSU Police. No gun of any kind is allowed in the Residence Halls; this includes paintball guns, "BB" guns, pellet guns, etc.
    8. Take care of all community areas. This includes the lobby/lobbies and laundry room. Throw away all trash, be careful, and no rough play.
    9. Fire Drills will be held a minimum of once a semester. Know your fire escape route which is located above each fire extinguisher in every hallway. Also, your RA will make you aware of a meeting place outside for your hall during the fire drill. Students who do not leave during a fire drill or students who choose to host a mock fire drill of their own will be referred to the Dean of Students for disciplinary action.
    10. Read you Residence Life Guide and be familiar with the HSU Student Handbook and Calendar. You are responsible for knowing the regulations of the university.
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