• Housing FAQs

    • 1. What services are available through the Residence Life Office and overall Student Development Office?

      1. The Student Development Office is concerned with and responsible for many of the non-academic programs that relate to the development of each resident.

      2. Student Development services include: residence life, student activities, student government organizations, intramurals, BSM, campus police, athletics, HSU Green, health services, and new student orientation.

      3. The Residence Life Office is a part of the Student Development Office and directs all on-campus housing, counseling, residence hall activities, and works with the Dean of Students in on-campus discipline.


    • 2. What is provided in the residence halls?

      1. Each residence hall and room is supplied with furniture, mattress, and a mattress cover. All university items in the room (mattress, desk chair, etc.) must stay in the room throughout the year. They can't be taken home or stored elsewhere in the building.

      2. Cable service is available in each room and each lobby has a television with DVD player available when a resident assistant is on duty.

      3. Internet service, including wireless service, is available and included in each room (part of the student's technology fee).

      4. If you do not have a personal computer then there are several computer labs on campus available. Those labs are located at the basement (Moody Center), Johnson Building, and the Richardson library.

      5. OneCard operated washers and dryers are available in each residence hall laundry room. The washers and dryers are accessible by OneCards for residence with valid cowboy cash accounts.

      6. All community (hall) bathrooms are cleaned by HSU housekeeping staff (ABM) on a daily basis. Students must clean their own rooms and suite baths.

      7. Residence halls are air conditioned.

    • 3. How do I get a private room?

      1. You may request a private room on your housing application or by contacting the Residence Life Office. The charge for a private room is half the room cost per semester, in addition to the regular room charge.

      2. We cannot guarantee any student a private room. We will assign private rooms IF space allows and only after the semester has begun and an accurate room count has been established in every residence hall.

      3. If space allows for you to have a private room then on the 8th class day, we will have you sign a Private Room Agreement form and charge your account for the additional charge of half the room cost.

    • 4. What if I am placed with a roommate I can't live with or my roommate doesn't show up?

      1. We encourage all students to show up for move in day, meet your roommate, and give the new relationship a chance to flourish. No person is ever stuck in a housing situation that is intolerable. But the Residence Life Office has standards/rules for what we will do to help every student have a healthy and successful housing situation.

      2. All students must either have a roommate or sign a Private Room Agreement if they choose not to have a roommate.

      3. You should visit with your Residence Hall Director and see what rooms are available and which students need roommates. You must complete a room change request and return it to your Residence Hall Director. The room change must be authorized by the Residence Life Office before the move can take place. If you wish to change rooms after the 8th class day or move without authorization, disciplinary action may be taken and a room change fee of $25 will be added to your account.

    • 5. What are the requirements for living off campus?

      1. You must live on campus, in the residence halls, unless you meet one of our requirements for living off campus.

      2. The requirements are one of the following:

      A. If you are living with immediate family and commuting to campus (Immediate family = mom/dad, aunt/uncle, grandmother/grandfather, or brother/sister – if they are 21 years of age or older)

      B. If you are at least 21 years old

      C. If you have lived in the residence halls for 4 long semester or more (a long semester is equal to a fall or spring semester)

      If you would like to request to move off campus please contact your residence director and fill out the required form (on right).

    • 6. Do I have to have a meal plan to live on campus?

      1. Yes you do.

      2. All students living in the residence halls MUST have at least the minimum meal plan of 10 meals per week.

      3. The meal plan options are 10, 14, or Unlimited meals per week.

      4. The cost of each meal plan and further questions about meal plans can be directed to the HSU Business Office at 325-670-1217 or by visiting the Financial Aid Tuition and Fees page  

    • 7. What is a microfridge and what do I have to do to get one?

      1. Microfridges are microwave and refrigerator combination appliances that are designed to solve electrical problems originating from the use of multiple in-room appliances. A microfridge is the ONLY option for residents having a microwave in their room.

      2. Residents are allowed to have a refrigerator in their room but not a microwave. There are microwaves available to residents in the residence hall lobby. All refrigerators must be 4.0 cubic feet or smaller in size.

      3. For students living in Nix and Behrens halls, there will be an option to rent one of the microfridges that the campus has available. The University owns about 50 microfridges that will be available to students in Nix and Behrens halls. At the end of June, the Residence Life Office will do a mailing to students already assigned to Behrens and Nix halls so that they can reserve a microfridge on a first come, first serve basis. Once the 50 units are rented out, then residents who were not able to rent a University owned unit need to either purchase a microfridge or purchase a mini-refrigerator (both must be 4.0 cubic feet or smaller). Students living in Anderson, Ferguson and Lange halls will NOT have the option of renting one of the University owned microfridges.

      4. Microfridges can be purchased directly at www.microfridge.com. The microfridge brand is the only accepted microfridge allowed in on campus housing. The microfridge must also be 4.0 cubic feet or smaller in size.

    • 8. What size are the mattresses in the residence halls?

      All beds are supplied with a standard (regular) twin size mattress.

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