• Graduation Requirements

    Advanced Work

    A minimum of 42 semester hours in courses at the junior and/or senior (3000-4000) level must be completed before a bachelor’s degree is granted. At least 18 semester hours in the major field of study and at least six semester hours in the minor field of study must be advanced work. Work transferred from a junior college will not count toward the advanced hours requirement.

    Chapel-Assembly Credit

    The purpose of HSU chapel is to enlighten by faith the entire Hardin-Simmons community through true worship as we love God, one another, and our neighbors as ourselves. HSU students are required to accumulate 80 chapel credits in order to graduate. This averages to 10 chapels per semester. Approximately 20 credits can be earned in chapel in any given semester. In addition, there are alternative events such as plays, recitals, assemblies, concerts, and the Logsdon chapel service where a student can earn chapel credits. Students who attend an alternative chapel event only receive one credit per event. Attending the same play, concert, or recital several times will not earn any more than one credit. With prior approval from the Chaplain, students may also perform community service for chapel credit. Chapel credits from other institutions are non-transferrable. For each hour of course work that transfers to Hardin-Simmons, students will receive .65 chapel credits. In special circumstances (employment and family obligations), the Chapel Advisory Committee may be petitioned for a waiver of the chapel requirement. Contact the Chaplain’s Office to find out how to start the petition process. Semester exemptions are not granted. For more information, contact the Office of the University Chaplain at 671-2190.

    CLEP Policy

    Students may earn credit through satisfactory scores (as recommended by the American Council on Education) on the Subject Examinations as indicated in this catalog. (Note: Enrollment in the equivalent class prevents the student from attempting credit by examination in that class.) No CLEP tests can be taken after the last date to register for a course during a student’s last semester before graduation.


    All students and academic personnel are expected to attend all official convocations of the University.

    Correspondence Credit

    No more than 12 hours of correspondence work may be accepted toward a baccalaureate degree at HSU. Correspondence work will not satisfy residence requirements.

    Degree Plan (Academic Evaluation)

    Each student must confer with his/her advisor and decide on a major and minor (if applicable). This should be done no later than after the completion of 60 semester hours. The major advisor or Certification Officer (if education student) will submit an Application for Declaring Degree to the Office of the Registrar. The major and minor professors as well as the Certification Officer in the School of Education (if applicable) and the student will receive a copy of the Academic Evaluation usually within a couple of weeks from the Office of the Registrar. All substitutions and waivers must be submitted by the advisors in the major and minor areas.

    Diploma Card

    The deadlines for filing Diploma Cards are as follows:

    • May Graduation: Diploma Cards are due no later than February 3rd
    • August Graduation: Diploma Cards are due no later than May 3rd
    • December Graduation: Diploma Cards are due no later than September 3rd

    Students filing a diploma card after this date will be charged a minimum of a $25.00 late fee. It is to the student’s benefit to file the Diploma Card at least one semester prior to the semester the student plans to graduate. A degree audit will be made after the Diploma Card is received & the student will receive a letter indicating graduation requirements needed. The student should inform the Graduation Coordinator if his/her graduation date changes one month before graduation. A student’s name will appear on the program only once.

    Financial Obligations to the University

    Students are required to settle all accounts in a manner satisfactory to the University Controller before a diploma or transcripts will be awarded.

    Minimum Grade Point Average

    In order to graduate, a student must have a cumulative grade point average of 2.00 overall including a cumulative average of 2.00 in all work completed at HSU as well as in work in both the major and minor. All required teacher preparation content field and professional development grade point averages are published in Chapter 11 of the Undergraduate Catalog.

    Minimum Hours Required

    A minimum of 124 semester hours is required for a baccalaureate degree, but some degrees require more than 124 semester hours. (Refer to departmental offerings for specific information.)

    Participation in Graduation Exercises

    All candidates for degrees are requested to participate in the commencement ceremony. Candidates must be enrolled in all courses required to complete the degree including chapel and Writing Proficiency.

    Proficiency in Written English

    Each student must demonstrate proficiency in written English ordinarily during the second semester of the junior year (after having earned at least 75 hours) by writing an essay, which receives a passing score. Therefore, all students who have completed 75 or more semester hours will enroll in and take the Writing Proficiency Exam. The fee for the test is not refundable. At least six semester hours of English composition must have been completed before taking the test. Those failing to satisfy the requirement must enroll in English 2101 immediately upon notification of unsatisfactory performance. Students transferring from another regionally accredited institution which tests Writing Proficiency under requirements similar to those at Hardin-Simmons will be deemed to have satisfied this requirement if credit for Writing Proficiency is indicated on the transcript.

    Requirements for a Second Baccalaureate Degree

    A student who desires to earn a second baccalaureate degree must complete the requirements of a single catalog in effect since entering school for the second degree under the statute of limitations. All of the components of the degree (foundational curriculum, Writing Proficiency, major, and minor) must be completed under the curriculum provisions of the catalog. A minimum of 30 semester hours beyond the first bachelor’s degree is required.

    Residence Work

    A student transferring from a senior college or university who wishes to complete a degree from HSU must complete at least 25% of the credit hours required for the degree (excluding intercollegiate work) in residence on the HSU campus. At least twelve advanced hours in the major field, and six advanced hours in the minor field must be taken from the HSU campus when the major and/or minor fields are offered at HSU.

    Statute of Limitations

    A student may graduate under the curriculum provisions of any single catalog in effect for any academic year for which the student was enrolled so long as the catalog selected is dated not more than five years prior to the student’s date of graduation unless those provisions have been changed in response to an external mandate by the state or by the relevant accrediting body.

    Transfer Work During the Senior Year

    A maximum of nine semester hours may be transferred from another senior institution during the senior year (last 30 hours), provided the student has met the minimum residence requirement. See also Post-Enrollment Transfer Credit. Official transcripts must be sent directly from the college or university attended to the Office of the Registrar.

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