• Higher One Card Information

    • How are refunds delivered to students?

      Each registered Hardin-Simmons Universitystudent will receive an Easy Refund Card. Your card will arrive in the mail at your primary address on file with the College. To receive your refund, you must activate your card. During card activation, you will choose how to receive your refund money. If you want faster access to your funds, simply choose to have your refunds deposited directly into your Higher One OneAccount. Activate your Easy Refund Card and make your refund selection online at http://www.easyrefundcard.com/.

    • What are my options for receiving financial aid or other refunds?

      Your options include having your refund:

      1. Directly deposited to your Higher One OneAccount (1 day or less).
      2. Deposited to another bank of your choice (3 days or more).
    • The Higher One OneAccount? What's that?

      The Higher One OneAccount is a fully functioning FDIC insured free checking account that allows you to access your financial aid refunds quicker and easier than ever before. The OneAccount has no minimum balance, no monthly fees, and free Internet banking features. With it, you can use your Easy Refund Card to make purchases anywhere MasterCard Debit is accepted. You can also get cash with no fee at the Higher One ATM located on campus.

    • What are the advantages of having my refunds deposited directly to my Higher One OneAccount?

      Depositing your refund to your Higher One OneAccount is the quickest way to gain access to your money. In order to have your refund directly deposited, activate your OneAccount as soon as you can. After your financial aid is disbursed and your MSC charges have been paid, remaining funds will be released by the College and directly deposited to your OneAccount.

      You can use the Easy Refund Card (NOT A CREDIT CARD) to make purchases at all MasterCard Debit locations, access cash at an ATM, pay bills, send money electronically and so much more.

      There is no charge to you for receiving your refund directly in your Higher One OneAccount. There is no monthly fee or minimum balance for the OneAccount.

    • How will I know when my financial aid or other refund has been directly deposited to my Higher One OneAccount?

      You will receive an e-mail when your financial aid refund or any refund has been directly deposited to your OneAccount. Additionally, you will be able to see details of your OneAccount by accessing your OneAccount Statement on the website.

    • Can I have my refund deposited to another bank account?

      If you prefer, you may have your financial aid refund or other refunds deposited to the bank of your choice. In order to have your refund deposited to your bank, as soon as you receive your Easy Refund Card you must activate it at www.easyrefundcard.com. For this option, you will also need to complete, print and mail the third party form to the designated address. The form is available on the Web site.

    • Why the MasterCard Debit logo on the new Easy Refund Card?

      The Easy Refund Card is the card you use to access your funds if you choose to accept the OneAccount. With the MasterCard Debit logo on it, you can use the card as a debit card wherever MasterCard Debit is accepted. The card is NOT a credit card. It is a DEBIT card.

    • Is this my Student ID Card?

      No. You still need your student ID card to use on campus.

    • What if I have additional questions?

      For more information about the Easy Refund Card and refunds, please visit https://higherone.custhelp.com/app/home.

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