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New resources in the areas of sermon preparation and church leadership are now available in e-book format!

Abingdon Ministry Matters is a Bible reference resource website that includes access to more than 50,000 pages of Bible reference e-publications, including The New Interpreter’s Bible Commentary and The New Interpreter’s Dictionary of the Bible. The site also offers a wealth of information and material for current and aspiring church leaders. Please click on the Abingdon Ministry Matters link found on the left side of this screen to access these resources.


New Materials In Theology, Ministry, and Religion

Hindu nationalism and the Indian church : towards an ecclesiology in conversation with Martin Luther / R. Sahayadhas
      BR128 .H5 S233 2013

If God were a human rights activist / Boaventura de Sousa Santos
      BL65 .H78 S26 2015

Inherit the holy mountain : religion and the rise of American environmentalism / Mark R. Stoll
      BR115 .N3 S76 2015

Introduction to the Hebrew Bible and Deutero-Canonical books / John J. Collins
      BS1140.3 .C65 2014

John Knox / Jane Dawson
      BX9223 .D39 2015

Misquoting Muhammad : the challenge and choices of interpreting the Prophet's legacy / Jonathan A.C. Brown
      BP161.3 .B765 2014

Preaching and homiletical theory / Paul Scott Wilson
      BV4211.3 .W55 2004

Superchurch : the rhetoric and politics of American fundamentalism / Jonathan J. Edwards
      BT82.2 .E33 2015

The Oxford encyclopedia of the Bible and gender studies / Julia O'Brien, editor in chief
      BS680 .W7 O94 2014 V.2

The Oxford encyclopedia of the Bible and gender studies / Julia O'Brien, editor in chief
      BS680 .W7 O94 2014 V.2

The Oxford handbook of religion, conflict, and peacebuilding / edited by Atalia Omer, R. Scott Appleby, and David Little
      BL65 .P4 O94 2015

This strange and sacred scripture : wrestling with the Old Testament and its oddities / Matthew Richard Schlimm
      BS1140.3 .S35 2015

Was there a wisdom tradition? : new prospects in Israelite wisdom studies / edited by Mark R. Sneed
      BS1455 .W37 2015

Women in Christian traditions / Rebecca Moore
      BV639 .W7 M594 2015

Women's divination in biblical literature : prophecy, necromancy, and other arts of knowledge / Esther J. Hamori
      BS575 .H286 2015

Writing theology well : a rhetoric for theological and biblical writers / Lucretia B. Yaghjian
      BR44 .Y34 2015

From Herodotus to H-Net : the story of historiography / Jeremy D. Popkin
      D13 .P569 2015

Last chance for victory : Robert E. Lee and the Gettysburg campaign / Scott Bowden & Bill Ward
      E467.1 .B69 2003

The Routledge history of terrorism / edited by Randall D. Law
      HV6431 .R686 2015

Christ & capital : a family debate / Michael Taylor
      BR115 .E3 T39 2015

Corners in the city of God : theology, philosophy, and The wire / edited by Jonathan Tran and Myles Werntz
      PN1992.77 .W53 C67 2013

Encyclopedia of Christian education / edited by George Thomas Kurian and Mark A. Lamport
      BV1471.3 .E53 2015 V.1

Encyclopedia of Christian education / edited by George Thomas Kurian and Mark A. Lamport
      BV1471.3 .E53 2015 V.2

Encyclopedia of Christian education / edited by George Thomas Kurian and Mark A. Lamport
      BV1471.3 .E53 2015 V.3

God sense : reading the Bible for preaching / Paul Scott Wilson
      BS534.5 .W56 2001

Jesus have I loved, but Paul? : a narrative approach to the problem of Pauline Christianity / J.R. Daniel Kirk
      BS2653 .K57 2011

One Islam, many Muslim worlds : spirituality, identity, and resistance across Islamic lands / Raymond William Baker
      BP161.3 .B344 2015

Praise be to you = Laudato si' : on care for our common home / of the Supreme Pontiff Francis
      BX1795 .H82 F73 2015

Spiritual direction : wisdom for the long walk of faith / Henri J.M. Nouwen with Michael J. Christensen and Rebecca J. Laird
      BV4501.3 .N677 2006

The church of mercy : a vision for the church / by Pope Francis
      BX1378.7 .A25 2014

The lively experiment : religious toleration in America from Roger Williams to the present / [edited by] Chris Beneke and Christopher S. Grenda ; foreword by Jon Butler
      BL2525 .L585 2015

The nones are alright : a new generation of believers, seekers, and those in between / Kaya Oakes
      BV652.5 .O25 2015

The Oxford encyclopedia of the Bible and gender studies / Julia O'Brien, editor in chief
      BS680 .W7 O94 2014 V.1

The practice of preaching / Paul Scott Wilson
      BV4211.2 .W56 2007

The gift of theology : the contribution of Kathryn Tanner / Carbine, Rosemary P.
      BT78 .G55 2015

Christ is king : Paul's royal ideology / Jipp, Joshua W.
      BS2651 .J56 2015

Puzzling the parables of Jesus : methods and interpretation / Zimmermann, Ruben,
      BT375.3 .Z56 2015

The paradox of church and world : selected writings of H. Richard Niebuhr / Niebuhr, H. Richard
      BV600.3 .N535 2015

Foundational theology : a new approach to Catholic fundamental theology / Ormerod, Neil.
      BX1751.3 .O76 2015

John's use of Matthew / Barker, James W.
      BS2615.52 .B375 2013

The art of empire : Christian art in its imperial context / Jefferson, Lee M.
      N7832 .A718 2015

Hoping against hope : confessions of a postmodern pilgrim / Caputo, John D.
      BT83.597 .C357 2015

Reading scripture as a political act : essays on the theopolitical interpretation of the Bible / Tapie, Matthew A.,
      BS680 .P45 R437 2015

Citizenship in heaven and on earth : Karl Barth's ethics / Massmann, Alexander
      BX4827 .B3 M37713 2015

Joy and human flourishing : essays on theology, culture, and the good life / Volf, Miroslav.
      BJ1481 .J69 2015

The wisdom and foolishness of God : First Corinthians 1-2 in theological exploration / Chalamet, Christophe.
      BS2675.52 .W57 2015

Martin Luther's ninety-five theses : with introduction, commentary, and study guide / Wengert, Timothy J.
      BR332 .D6 W46 2015

Fruit for the soul : Luther on the lament psalms / Ngien, Dennis,
      BS1445 .L3 N454 2015

Paul : the apostle's life, letters, and thought / Sanders, E. P.
      BS2651 .S232 2015

Twenty questions that shaped world Christian history / Cooper, Derek
      BR145.3 .C66 2015

Paul and his recent interpreters : some contemporary debates / Wright, N. T.
      BS2651 .W75 2015

Liturgical reform after Vatican II : the impact on Eastern Orthodoxy / Denysenko, Nicholas E
      BX350 .D465 2015

The homebrewed Christianity guide to Jesus : Lord, liar, lunatic . . . or awesome? / Fuller, Tripp
      BT303.2 .F8466 2015

51% Christian : finding faith after certainty / Stenberg, Mark.
      BT771.3 .S74 2015

Galilee in the late Second Temple and Mishnaic periods / Fiensy, David A.,
      DS110 .G2 G37 2014 Vol.2

The executed God : the way of the cross in lockdown America / Taylor, Mark L.
      HV8687 .T39 2015

Luther refracted : the reformer's ecumenical legacy / Małysz, Piotr J.
      BR334.3 .L877 2015

Angry like Jesus : using his example to spark your moral courage / Sumner, Sarah
      BV4647 .C75 S86 2015

Making love with Scripture : why the Bible doesn't mean how you think it means / Myers, Jacob D.
      BS476 .M94 2015

Documents and images for the study of the Gospels / Cartlidge, David R.,
      BS2555.5 .D62 2015

World history : a short, visual introduction / Corning, Caitlin,
      D21.1 .C67 2015

Philosophy : a short, visual introduction / Paeth, Scott,
      B56 .P347 2015

The student Bible atlas / Dowley, Tim.
      Ref. G2230 .D8 2015

Thinking about sex / Thatcher, Adrian.
      BT708 .T523 2015

Thinking about God's love : atonement and redemption / Cavanagh, Lorraine.
      BT140 .C383 2015

Thinking about the Bible / Hartley, Helen-Ann.
      BS511.3 .H378 2015

Thinking about religious pluralism : shaping theology of religions for our times / Race, Alan.
      BR127 .R253 2015

Thinking about death and immortality / Paul Badham
      BT825 .B254 2015

Atlas of the European Reformations / Dowley, Tim.
      Ref. BR307 .D69 2015

When lightning struck! : the story of Martin Luther / Cooley, Danika, author.
      PS3603 .O65 W44 2015

First Isaiah : a commentary / Roberts, J. J. M.
      BS1515.53 .R63 2015

Paul : an outline of his theology / Wolter, Michael
      BS2651 .W65813 2015

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