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Updated 08.27.2014
Families (which today includes more single parents) take priority over single students. This means
if a student with a family submitted a request today, that student will “bump” any single
students who have been in line for a year.
It is an objective of Off-­‐Campus Living to have approximately 20% graduate students living in our
All students must meet the requirements to live off campus, or have the approval of Student Life
to do so. All students must also have a current accounts receivable, or be cleared by the Business
Office to live in a housing unit.
Administrative Council Exception – there may be times that faculty or staff or a special student
case will be given priority.
Students who are in need of handicapped accessible apartment.
Wolf Apartments: ministry students take priority over others.
If we have current residents with “roommate” issues, we may move students to an open unit (or
to the residence hall if there is no unit available.)
All applications stay active for one calendar year, unless the student specifically requests that the
application stay active for a longer period of time.
Applications must be completely filled-­‐out. For example, if you requested a four-­‐bedroom apartment,
there must be four names on the application. It is the applicant’s responsibility to notify other people on
the application of any changes that are made to the application once it is turned in.
University Place Apartments
The university operates a 32-­‐unit apartment complex close to campus. These apartments are completely furnished
and available in a one, two, or four bedroom arrangement. All units have central heat and air, as well as ceiling
fans. Residents must pay for their own electricity. Water, gas, cable, local phone, and Ethernet access are
provided. There is an on-­‐site laundry facility. No pets of any type are allowed in the apartments. Current prices and
floor plans can be obtained from the Facilities Office located in Moody Center.
Full-­‐time students who have completed 60 credit hours may live in University Place Apartments.
Contact the Facilities Coordinator’s Office located in Moody Center for more information.
Wolf Apartments
The university operates a six-­‐unit apartment complex close to campus. These apartments are furnished with stove,
refrigerator, washer/dryer, microwave, central heat and air, and ceiling fans. The apartments are otherwise
unfurnished. They are all two-­‐bedroom, two-­‐bath arrangements. Residents must pay water and electricity. No pets
of any type are allowed in the apartments. Current prices are listed with the housing office.
Housing Units
The university owns approximately 70 houses in close proximity to the campus. The units are primarily one-­‐
bedroom duplexes and two-­‐bedroom houses. There are limited three-­‐ and four-­‐bedroom houses also available.
Each unit has central heat, but tenants must provide their own window air conditioners.
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