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Updated 08.27.2014
Personal Property Loss or Damage
The university cannot assume responsibility at any time for the private property of its students and is not liable for
the loss or damage of any article of personal property anywhere on the premises of the campus. Some
homeowner’s insurance policies provide coverage for personal articles kept at a residence other than the main
Reporting Repairs
Repairs needed in rooms, bath facilities, or other areas should be reported to the Resident Assistant or Residence
Director. If an issue goes unreported, the university reserves the right to charge the student for additional damage
caused by the delayed reporting.
Laundry Facilities
Each residence hall is equipped with washers and dryers for resident’s use. Students are requested to show
consideration for other residents by removing clothes from washers and dryers promptly. Washers and dryers are
student ID operated. Cowboy Cash may be placed on the student’s ID card for use in laundry rooms.
Bulletin Boards
Everyone must ask the Residence Director or the Director of Residence Life for permission to post announcements
on any public board. Commercial advertisements are not permitted on the bulletin boards or any other place in
the residence hall. Solicitation is prohibited
Overnight Guests
Guests are welcome to visit overnight. Hosts need to obtain permission from the Residence Director before guests
arrive and introduce them when they come. Guests are to conduct themselves in accordance with all rules
governing campus students. No fee is charged for guests who spend the night unless the host fails to register them
or unless they stay longer than two nights. If a guest who stays longer than two nights does not pay the room
charge, the fee will be charged to the account of the host student.
Noise Control
Students who reside in residence halls must show consideration for other students at all times. Quiet hours are
held from 10 p.m. to 8 a.m. every day and Sunday afternoons from 2 to 4 p.m. A normal amount of noise is
expected in the residence hall and is not questioned. CD/MP3 players, TVs, and radios may be operated at any
time as long as they do not disturb other residents. However, such noises as banging doors and screaming are not
considered “normal” and are subject to question. If warning is given by the residence hall staff regarding excessive
noise and is not heeded by residents, disciplinary action may be taken. This may include confiscation of student’s
stereos, TVs, etc. by the director for a certain period of time. Any complaints of excessive noise-­‐making should be
made to the resident assistant or residence hall director. Disciplinary action will be taken should residents not
heed residence hall staff warnings.
For the protection of students, no salespeople, even if they are students, are permitted to sell or solicit on campus
or in any campus residential area without the permission of the Student Life Office. If you are approached by
salespeople on campus or in your university residence, report it to the Residence Director or the Residence Life
Office immediately.
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