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Updated 08.27.2014
Residence Hall and Room Entry
Each hall is equipped with an ID entry system. When doors are activated, students gain entry into their hall by
swiping his/her ID card. A student loaning another individual his/her ID card, compromises the safety of the
building and is subject to disciplinary action and possible fines. The same applies to unauthorized building guests
and to residents who entertain unauthorized non-­‐residents in his/her building after hours. Using windows as an
entrance or exit is prohibited except in emergency situations.
Students are issued keys to rooms upon check-­‐in. Students should lock their rooms whenever they leave. The
university will not be held responsible for items lost or stolen from a room. A $25 charge will be made for a lost or
unreturned key.
Care and Cleaning of Rooms
The student is responsible for the care of his/her room. Inventory cards must be filled out accurately at the
beginning of each contract period. Damage to rooms will be charged to the occupants of the room unless the
person doing the damage is identified as someone other than the occupants. Damage to a suite, wing, or to the
entire hall will be charged to the occupants of the area damaged if the persons doing the damage are not
identified. Students are not to remove furnishings from any room or from any of the lounge areas without
permission of the residence director.
Posters may be hung on the walls only with Plastitak. Damages will be assessed for use of any material which
defaces walls or ceilings. Decals may be used on glass surfaces only but must be removed when the students
vacate the rooms. Decals may not be applied to wooden or painted surfaces. Students are required to maintain
rooms in an orderly and hygienic manner. Rooms will be checked periodically by the Residence Assistants to
ensure minimum standards of health are maintained. Students whose rooms do not comply with minimum
standards may be issued disciplinary action or fines at the discretion from the Residence Director.
Health and Wellness
Rooms may be inspected periodically for cleanliness, hygienic conditions, repairs, and maintenance. If necessary,
the university reserves the right to enter student’s room without the occupant’s presence. Students are expected
to open the doors to their rooms for an administrator, Residence Director, Residence Assistant, or facilities team. If
a student does not open the door after the personnel identifies him/herself, the personnel may unlock the door.
Rooms in university residence halls or university owned residences occupied by a student, will not be searched by
university personnel without the consent of the occupying student except upon authorization of the Vice President
for Student Life or the department’s designated agent. Personal surveillance cameras are not permitted in the
residence halls.
Electrical Appliances
The Residence Director reserves the right to confiscate any electrical appliance not permissible in the residence
hall. Approved appliances include, but are not limited to, coffee pots, air-­‐popcorn poppers, hair dryers, and irons.
Not permitted electrical appliances include, but are not limited to, microwave ovens, deep fat fryers, open skillets,
toaster/convection ovens, hot plates, George Foreman-­‐type grills, candles, etc.
Students may rent a refrigerator from the university when available. The student may not place a refrigerator in a
closet at any time. The university reserves the right to search a refrigerator at any time. A student may bring
his/her own refrigerators to school if they meet these requirements:
Refrigerator no more than 4.0 cubic feet
Must meet Underwriter’s Laboratory safety standards
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