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Updated 08.27.2014
Room Reservations
Application forms for room reservations may be obtained on the university website. Room/roommate assignments
will be withheld until either the enrollment deposit is paid (new students) or a student has registered for classes
(returning students) and the housing contract is accepted.
Room Assignments
During the allotted dates and times provided by the Residence Life Office, returning students will have the
opportunity to submit their on campus living interest and be involved in the room assignment process. This
process will be outlined online several weeks before the assignment process. New and incoming students will be
notified via email when they may start the process.
Private Rooms
If a student requests and recieves a private room, there is an additional cost (typically half the cost of the room).
The opportunity to reside in a private room depends on available space. If a student does not have a roommate
and chooses not to sign the private room agreement, the student must attend a roommate meeting set by the
Residence Director before the eighth class day of the semester. If the move is not made, the Residence Life Office
will make the room assignment for the student and all charges will be at the discretion of the Residence Director.
Room Charges
Room rent is charged on a semester schedule and does not include holidays. Students are not to return to campus
prior to the date announced in the University Calendar. Students vacate rooms according to the closing dates
stated on the University Calendar. Special arrangements must be made through the Residence Director. Charges
are assessed on a weekly basis for any days the buildings are not officially open, and additional fines may be
assessed if the resident does not vacate his/her room by the designated time. Any student that is given permission
to stay during the holiday is held to a higher standard and must sign a holiday stay agreement.
Damage Assessment
Assessments are made by the residence hall staff with the help of the facilities department at check-­‐out. When
damages have occurred, the resident fails to check out, or meet cleanliness requirements as set by the Residence
Director, a fine may be placed on the student account. Damage assessments are based on the cost of repair or
replacement. A student may ask the Resident Assistant or Residence Director to evaluate his/her room before
leaving. If a student chooses to participate in an express checkout, the student has the opportunity to contest any
additional damage charges 30 days from the date of check out or the charges are final.
Changing Rooms
Once room assignments have been made, no moves will be made until the student arrives on campus for the fall
semester and then only as space allows. In order to change rooms, students must obtain permission form
Residence Director, all procedures are up to the discretion of the Residence Director.
A student whose roommate leaves after registration or whose roommate does not show up will be given the
option of taking a new roommate, moving in with another student who needs a roommate, or paying for single
occupancy. Extenuating circumstances will be given consideration at the discretion of the Residence Director.
A room change request is initiated through the Residence Director and must be authorized by the Residence Life
Office before the student moves. A room change fee will be assessed for each student making a room change after
the first room change meeting set by the Residence Director.
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