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Updated 08.27.2014
Student Life
Student Life is an area of the university concerned with and responsible for many of the non-­‐academic programs
that relate to the development of each student. Because Student Life personnel recognize that there are many
dimensions inherent in the development of students’ lives, they have established the following goals and
Integrate university resources to facilitate each student’s academic success
Encourage community and world awareness
Assist in personal growth
Promote opportunities for recreational and social interaction
Develop interpersonal communication skills
Enhance spiritual life
Residence Life
The Hardin-­‐Simmons University Residence Hall system is comprised of 3 traditional residence halls, 2 suite-­‐style
halls, and 2 apartment complex. As an evolving community, Residence Life enhances the educational experience
through personal development, intellectual engagement, and spiritual formation. Students who live in the halls are
more likely to meet new friends, have more exciting experiences on campus, and explore spiritual growth
On-­‐Campus Housing
All undergraduate students taking more than six semester hours are required to live on campus. The only
exceptions to this policy will be granted/given to student who are married, living with their parent or legal
guardian, over 21 years of age or is two years post high school. Every student who desires to live off campus must
submit an application for permission to live off campus to his/her Residence Director prior to making off-­‐campus
arrangements. This application may be obtained from the Residence Director of the student’s particular hall.
The cancellation fee period ends on the first day of class. As of the first day of class, all residents are responsible
for his/her yearly housing costs. The cancellation fee no longer applies, and the student will be responsible for the
contract amount. As of the first class day, any student who withdraws, or is removed, from his/her housing
assignment will be refunded according to the university refund schedule.
Any student who falsifies information or otherwise attempts to circumvent the housing policies of the university
will be subject to disciplinary action which could include fines and the yearly housing cost. Students who reside on
campus are not to maintain off-­‐campus residences.
The following may not live in the residence halls:
Any person who has not been given a room assignment through the Residence Life Office
Children (baby sitting in residence hall rooms is prohibited)
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