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Updated 08.27.2014
Student ID Card
The university Student ID Card is used for access to residence halls, to check out library materials, and as Cowboy
Only the person to whom a Student ID Card is issued may use the card. The use of another person’s Student ID
Card may subject both students to disciplinary action.
Student ID Cards become inactive at the end of each semester and are reactivated at registration.
Students should report a lost card to the Business Office. Lost cards can be replaced through the Enrollment
Services Office. A replacement fee of $15.00 will be charged.
Cowboy Cash
Cowboy Cash is similar to a prepaid bank card. Money is deposited in a Cowboy Cash account with the HSU
Business Office. A student may access the Cowboy Cash through his/her Student ID Card to purchase items at the
HSU Bookstore, the P.O.D., and the dining hall. Campus laundry facilities will also accept Cowboy Cash.
Deposits can be charged directly to the student’s HSU account in the Business Office, Sandefer Memorial Building,
through the end of the second month of school. Prepayment is required after that point.
Student Health Services
The staff of each residence hall and the HSU Police Department are supplied with first aid equipment and are
certified in CPR.
Student Health Office
The university maintains an outpatient clinic staffed by a registered nurse Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to
noon and 1 to 3 p.m. during regular semesters. The hours during summer terms are 8 a.m. to noon and 1 to 2 p.m.
Monday through Thursday. The Student Health Office is located in Moody Center, room 208.
Free treatment at the clinic includes first aid, assessment and treatment of minor ailments, and dispensing of
nonprescription medications. The university does not supply prescription drugs or personal nursing care.
In the event a student is ill or in need of medical advice and the university nurse is not on duty, the student has the
following options:
Call his/her personal physician’s office
Go to the North Side Walk-­‐In Care Clinic, 3449 N. 10
ST, 325.677.4904 M-­‐F 8 a.m.-­‐6p.m.
Go to the South Side Walk-­‐In Care Clinic, 1665 Antilley Rd. Suite #120, 325-­‐793-­‐5148, M-­‐F 8a.m.-­‐8p.m
Saturday 8a.m.-­‐6p.m. Sunday 10a.m.-­‐6p.m.
Go to Dr. J Express Care Clinic, 1634 State Hwy. 351, 325.676.1100 M-­‐Sat 8a.m.-­‐6:30p.m. Sunday 8a.m.-­‐
In case of an emergency: Go to Hendrick Trauma Center, 1900 Pine, 325.670.2151
Students should notify the residence hall director if they need assistance contacting a health care provider.
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