• Doctorate in Leadership Degree Plan (57 hours)

    Leadership Core - 24 credit hours

    LDSP 7310 Leadership Models
    LDSP 7315 Strategic Planning
    LDSP 7325 Leadership through the Ages
    LDSP 7330 Servant Leadership
    LDSP 7340 Ethical Decision-Making in Leadership

    Summer Residencies

    LDSP 7320 Organizational Leadership
    LDSP 7335 Trends in Leadership
    LDSP 7345 Leadership in a Global and Cultural Context

    Research - 15 credit hours

    EDUC 7330 Introduction to Research and Design
    EDUC 7334 Quantitative Design, Statistics, and Analysis
    EDUC 7338 Qualitative Design and Analysis
    EDUC 8310 & 8320 Dissertation/Professional Project – 6 hours
    EDUC 8225 Continuous Enrollment for Dissertation/Professional Project – 2 hours

    Concentrations - students select one of the following

    Communication for Leaders -- 18 hours

    COMM 7302 Communication Theory
    COMM 7305 Organizational Communication
    COMM 7310 Communication Contexts
    COMM 7320 Media Criticism
    COMM 7330 Interviewing Strategies
    COMM 7390 Communication Trends

    Education Leadership in Health Care Professions

    Educational Leadership in Superintendency -- 18 hours

    EDAD 7320The School Superintendency
    EDAD 7330Instructional Development and School Improvement
    EDAD 7340Public School Finance
    EDAD 7350Educational Facility Planning and Development
    EDAD 7360Policy and Politics in Education
    EDAD 7370Superintendent Internship

    Higher Education Leadership -- 18 hours

    EDHE 7320 Pedagogy and Program Design in Higher Education
    EDHE 7325 Assessment in Higher Education
    EDHE 7330 Business Management and Finance in Higher Education
    EDHE 7335 Legal Aspects of Higher Education
    EDHE 7340 Student Services in Higher Education
    EDHE 7345 Critical Issues in Higher Education

    Leadership in Ministry Organizations -- 18 hours

    LDMN 7365 Leadership and Administration of Church Structure
    LDMN 7370 Systems Theory
    LDMN 7375 Human Resources Management
    LDMN 7380 Conflict Management (cross listed as FMIN 6360)
    LDMN 7385 Legal Issues in Church Administration
    LDMN 7390 Financial Issues in Church Administration
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