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    Questions About the Teacher Preparation Program

    When should I apply to the Teacher Preparation Program?
    You can apply to Teacher Preparation your sophomore year. If you are interested in becoming a teacher, you should meet with the HSU Certification Officer in Abilene Hall 104B as soon as possible. The Certification Officer will explain the specifics of the level and/or area of certification for which you have interest. Make an appointment with the Certification Officer by calling 325-670-1510.


    1. What do I have to do to apply?
      You should come to the Dean's office, AH 108, to get an application. Complete the application. Make an appointment with Dr. Mary Christopher, AH 104B, to file your degree plan. Dr. Christopher will also verify you have met all the basic standards of proficiency described on the application and that you have achieved a minimum 2.8 gpa. Another portion of the application process is to get the signatures of three full-time HSU professors, each from a different department, who agree to complete an evaluation form on you. Evaluation forms are included in the application materials and can be distributed to HSU professors who are willing to assist you with this component of the application process.

    2. Do I have to pass the THEA test to be admitted to the Teacher Preparation Program?
      Not necessarily. You must meet the HSU standards of proficiency in the basic areas of reading, writing, math, and oral communication. The Teacher Education Council has determined multiple ways for you to demonstrate proficiency in the basic skills, including but not limited to taking the THEA. The application for admission to teacher education describes the various ways you can demonstrate those proficiencies including but not limited to grades of A or B in a general education comm class (1301 or 1302), SAT and/or ACT scores in pertinent areas, THEA scores in reading, writing, and math. Dr. Christopher will explain the proficiencies to you when you meet with her, and the sooner the better.

    3. How long does it take to be admitted to the Teacher Preparation Program?
      It takes approximately a month from the time you apply. The Teacher Education Council meets once a month. (Note: The TEC does not meet during the summer.) At the monthly TEC meeting members review the applications of all students who have (a) completed an application (b) filed a degree plan (c) met the basic proficiency requirements (d) have received three satisfactory evaluations from HSU professors (e) submitted a satisfactory essay as described on the application, and (f) have an overall gpa of 2.80 or higher. You must meet all conditions before you will be considered for admission. You will receive a letter from the dean's office confirming your admission to Teacher Preparation at HSU along with instructions for registering Online with the SBEC. You should retain all information you receive in your Teacher Preparation acceptance materials for future reference. Once you are admitted you can then begin taking courses with the EDUC prefix.



    Questions About TExES and Practice TExES


    1. When can I take the TExES?
      You can take the TExES in your content field(s) as soon as you complete your coursework in that area or when you score 85% correct on your content field representative form (practice TExES), or when your advisor signs the form verifying that you are eligible to take the test(s). Obtain the advisor form in the Dean's office. You can take your professional development TExES (PPR) when you have achieved a score of 85% correct or above on the practice professional development test. ALL GRADUATES from the teacher education program at HSU WILL BE APPROVED by Donna Snook on the SBEC Online site to take theTExES in their content field and professional development UPON GRADUATION whether or not they have ever taken the practice tests and regardless of the scores achieved on representative form practice tests taken. HSU does not own practice tests for all areas of certification. Call 670-1347 to find out if HSU owns your content field test. HSU owns all PPR practice tests.
    2. When can I take the representative form practice test?
      You can take the practice test at any time after you have been admitted to Teacher Education and are taking EDUC courses. Schedule a test time with the Dean's office. AH108

    3. What is the fee to take the representative form practice test?
      The practice test requires no fee.

    4. How do I register for the representative form practice test?
      Call 670-1347 or come by AH 108 at least 24 hours before the test is to be administered. The Admininistrative Assistant in the Dean's office, Mrs. Donna Snook, will take your name and the content field or PPR level of practice test you will be taking. The practice TExES may take up to 4 hours, so plan accordingly.

    5. How do I register for the TExES?
      A student may register online at www.texes.ets.org for the TExES certification examination once he/she has been approved by Donna Snook with SBEC. (See #1 above. When can I take the TExES?) To verify your approval to take the test, you may call Donna at 325.670.1347. The online registration process must be completed by the student once you have been approved by the dean's office. You must have a current credit card or debit card for payment.
    6. Which TExES tests do I take?
      That depends on your major. If you are preparing to teach at the secondary level you will take the EC-12 PPR and the test(s) for your field(s) of study. If you are preparing to teach EC-6 you will take the EC-12 PPR and EC-6 Generalist. If you are preparing to teach in grades 4-8 you take the EC-12 PPR and the test in your field of study. If you are preparing to teach EC-12, you take the EC-12 PPR and the test in your content field. If you are also preparing to teach special education, your advisor will tell you which of the special education tests you should take. Donna will only provide approval for TExES examinations for which you have been prepared by HSU. After you have your initial teaching certificate, you may register by exam only for any other TExES examination you want to challenge. HSU will not approve you, under any circumstances, to take exams for which HSU did not prepare you.

    7. If I am student teaching remote from HSU, how do I register for the TExES?
      Follow instructions #5 and #6 above.

    8. How and when will I receive my TExES scores?
      Your TExES scores will be emailed to you by Education Testing Service (ETS). If you do not receive your scores or have questions about them you should call ETS. HSU cannot and will not resolve issues you may have with the administration of the TExES.


    Questions About Student Teaching


    1. When do I apply for student teaching?
      If you plan to student teach in the fall, you need to apply the spring before. The deadline is March 1st. If you plan to student teach in the spring, you need to apply the fall before. The deadline is October 1st.

    2. Can I student teach out of town?
      Yes. Call 670-1347 to make an appointment to meet with the Dean of the Irvin School of Education, to get information about the process. The application for out-of-town student teaching is different from the local student teaching application. You will also be required to get an endorsement from your content field advisor to student teach remote from HSU. You can obtain the endorsement form and out-of-town student teaching application in the Dean's office.

    3. What do I need to do to apply for student teaching?
      Obtain an application from www.esc14.net, AH 108. Get a current copy of your degree plan from the registrar's office. Complete the application. You will then turn in copies of your AISD application and the current copy of your degree plan. If you are student teaching out of town you will need to turn in: your completed HSU application, your completed advisor endorsement form, a current copy of your degree plan. All students MUST register for student teaching through the Dean's Office, AH 108.

    4. When will I find out my student teaching placement?
      If you are student teaching in the fall you will receive a letter about a week before the fall semester starts that tells you where you have been placed and when you will need to attend orientation. If you are student teaching in the spring you will receive your letter about mid-December.

    5. Do I have to attend the orientation?
      Yes! Orientation is mandatory for all student teachers that will be working in Abilene or the surrounding Big Country Area. If you are student teaching remote from HSU, you may be required to attend orientation.



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