• Recent Research Projects

    Doctor of Physical Therapy students are required to complete a professional project as part of their degree requirements. The students work with faculty and clinician mentors to carry out the project. Below is a list of current projects the students are involved in.

    The following presentations were presented at the 17th Annual Scientific Inquiries in Physical Therapy Practice which occurred on the HSU campus on March 1, 2013:

    Views and Attitudes towards Students with Physical Disabilities in Physical Therapy and Physical Therapist Assistant Programs
    Students: Kelly Johnson, Jennifer Sammons, Morgan McCauley, Marci Murphy
    Faculty Advisor: Dr. Marty Hinman

    Relationship of Cervical Spine Dysfunction to Upper Motor Neuron Dysfunction
    Students: Rose Adams, Carrie Skow, Audrey Hemminger, Dustin Rauch
    Faculty Advisor: Dr. Bob Friberg

    Functional Movement Screen TM and Risk of Future Injuries in Collegiate Athletes
    Students: Brittney Dillman, Cody Gohlke, Jodi Hierholzer, Gaela Leatherman
    Faculty Advisor: Dr. Marsha Rutland

    Effects of Whole Body Vibration on Sensory Integration Disorder and Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Case Study
    Students: Shae Pendley, Laura Rawlings, Deidre Watson
    Faculty Advisors: Dr. Mary Lou Garrett, Dr. Marty Hinman

    Comparison of Core Muscle Recruitment During Varying Sitting Postures on a Bench and Swiss Ball
    Students: Landon Ehlers, Danielle Scott, Susan Strange, Adrianna Vega
    Faculty Advisor: Dr. Janelle O'Connell

    Best Functional Assessment Tools for Predicting Stair-Climbing Abilities in Oder Adults
    Students: Leigh Ann Rainwater, Dulce Flores, Jordan Manning, Alyssa Browning
    Faculty Advisors: Dr. Marty Hinman, Dr. Janelle O'Connell

    Effects of Breathing Techniques on Simulated Forehand Force Production in Collegiate Tennis Athletes
    Students: Tim Man, John Weldon
    Faculty Advisors: Dr. Dennis O'Connell, Dr. Jacob Brewer

    Titles of Projects currently under investigation include:

    Comparison of balance measures using shod and non-shod conditions

    Changes in lower extremity blood flow and plantar sensitivity following Whole Body Vibration

    Validity and reliability of phone apps that perform basic measurements

    Comparison of Functional Movement Screen scores among volleyball players at 3 collegiate sports levels

    Effect of fatigue on the Functional Movement Screen

    Effect of Alter-G-treadmill training on Dynamic Gait Index scores of assisted living residents

    Effects of sliding as an adjunct to neural tensioning treatment for median & ulnar nerves

    Effect of night use of Dyna-splints on toe-walking in children

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